Support Us - How you can help

Digitisation of historic manuscripts for projects such as this is very specialised, requiring highly skilled staff, with extensive training in the use of complex equipment. Due to the often fragile nature of the materials being digitised, and the need for thorough research to support the digitised images with useful metadata, it is necessarily a process which cannot be rushed.

The demand to make possible wider and more in depth research across a whole range of historic manuscripts is enormous; we would like to do more to enable it. The potential scope for new discoveries as materials of this sort are digitised, and studied in new ways, is perhaps as yet unquantifiable. This Wolsey Manuscripts project, and other related areas of research, are likely to grow and evolve, but behind every breakthrough are hours, and days of work, weeks, and months of research, much of it only made possible by the generosity of donors.

If you would like to support the work of Christ Church and Magdalen College Libraries in digitising the past for the future, please contact either or