This website was devised and developed as an equal partnership between Christ Church and Magdalen College, Oxford.

The respective college libraries each hold one of the Wolsey Lectionaries, mss101 at Christ Church, MS Lat233 at Magdalen College. There is an ongoing programme of digitisation within the library at Christ Church, with resultant high resolution images and metadata for each manuscript being uploaded to, and hosted by Digital.Bodleian. Magdalen College Library also has plans for extensive digitisation of its holdings.

The Wolsey Manuscripts project was conceived by Mr Daryl Green, former Librarian at Magdalen College and Dr Cristina Neagu, former Keeper of Special Collections at Christ Church Library, supported by the extensive research and writing of Dr David Rundle, who in turn made connections to other leading scholars in this field who have kindly submitted the findings of their research to be featured on this website.

Christ Church and Magdalen College would particularly like to thank John Barrett (Bodleian Library) and Alina Nachescu (Christ Church Library), for their work in digitising both manuscripts, as well as Emma Stanford, Digital Support & Community Engagement Officer at the Bodleian Library for her help with adding the digitised manuscripts to Digital.Bodleian and providing information and support about the Mirador viewer.

The website was designed and built by Global Initiative and we are grateful for their creativity and skill in realising our vision.

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