Second World War Memorial

Christ Church : Roll of Honour : Lives lost in World War II

Abbott, James Alexander
Flying Officer, RAFVR

Acheson, James Glasgow Irwin
Flying Officer, RAFVR, 206 Sqdn.

Acton, William Hamilton Mitchell
Private, Pioneer Corps

Aird, Ian Basil
Major, Royal Armoured Corps 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters)

Alington, 3rd Baron, Napier George Henry Sturt
Captain, RAFVR

Allen, John Derwent
Captain, Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry attd. Nigeria Regiment, West African Frontier Force

Allen, Pelham Bolton
Flight Sergeant, RAFVR 124 Sqdn.

Apsley, Lord, Allen Algernon Bathurst
Major, Royal Armoured Corps, 1st Royal Gloucestershire Hussars

Arkwright, John Richard
Able Seaman, Royal Navy, H.M. Submarine 'Untamed'

Aston, Harold Withall
Pilot Officer, RAFVR

Atherton, Giles de Vismes
Lieutenant, 10th Bn. Gloucestershire Regiment


Bankes, Peter Robert Sandham
Captain, Army of Burma, Reserve of Officers attd. Western Chin Levies

Barker, Hugo James Ross
Pilot Officer, RAFVR

Barnard, Andrew Norman
Major, Royal Irish Fusiliers

Beckwith-Smith, Merton
Major General, 18th Inf. Div. and Welsh Guards

Beecroft, Peter Philip
Major, 303 Bty., 76 Heavy Field Regt., Royal Artillery

Bickersteth, Julian Dunlop
Lieutenant, King's Royal Rifle Corps 11th (1st Bn. The Queen's Westminsters) Bn.

Blundell, George Minto
Captain, The Parachute Regt, AAC, 1st Bn. attd. HQ 4th Parachute Bde.

Bodley, Mark Courtenay
Lieutenant, Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons)

Boughton, Christopher Oswald
Major, 1st Bn., East Yorkshire Regt.

Boulton, Duncan Davidson
Lieutenant, Grenadier Guards, 1st (Motor) Bn.

Bowen, Nigel Greenstreet
Pilot Officer, RAF, 266 Sqdn.

Bowes, Anthony John Lee
Flying Officer, RAFVR, 149 Sqdn.

Brand, Stanley Sherwin
Flying Officer, RAFVR, 178 Sqdn.

Bucknill, Samuel John Rennie
Major, 1st Bn., Irish Guards

Bullock, Edward
Major, Royal Artillery, 144 Bty., 35 Light A-A Regt.

Burden, Joseph Warren
Captain, Scots Guards

Burney, Nigel Madan
Lieutenant, Gloucestershire Regt., 2nd Bn.

Burton, Percival Ross
Flying Officer, RAFVR, 249 Sqdn.

Burton, William Westbrooke
Flight Lieutenant, RAFVR, 104 Sqdn.

Butterworth, Reginald
Pilot Officer, RAFVR, 13 Sqdn.


Carpenter-Garnier, John
Lieutenant, Scots Guards, 2nd Bn.

Cartwright, George
Flying Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force, 425 Sqdn.

Carver, John Champion
Squadron Leader, RAFVR, 118 Sqdn.

Castellain, Geoffrey Charles
Lieutenant, SAS Regt. AAC

Caygill, Basil Reid
Captain, Royal Army Medical Corps

Cayzer, Sir Nigel John 4th Bt
Lieutenant, Scots Guards, 2nd Bn.

Cazalet, Victor Alexander
Colonel, Royal Artillery

Cecil, The Hon. Richard Hugh Vere
Sergeant, RAFVR

Charlesworth, Albany
Captain, Royal Armoured Corps, 3rd Carabiniers (Prince of Wales's Dragoon Guards)

Chetwode, The Hon. Richard Charles George
Captain, Royal Artillery, 48 Light A-A Regt

Clark, James Geoffrey Carruthers
Major, Coldstream Guards, 3rd Bn.

Clark, John Alan
Pilot Officer, RAF 206 Sqdn.

Clive, Meysey George Dallas
Major, Grenadier Guards, 5th Bn.

Colvile, Charles Bertram
Lieutenant, Royal Welch Fusiliers

Cooke, Wilfred Alan
Lt. Commander, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Algerine

Corrin, Thomas Oswald
Captain, Royal Artillery, 316 By., 100 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regt.

Cracknell, Derrick Michael
Sergeant, RAFVR 679 Sqdn.


Dance, Eric
Captain, Royal Artillery, 35th Light AA Regt.

de Pourtales, Raymond
Le-sous lieutenant, 4ème Régiment d'Infanterie

Dent, Richard Ewer
Flying Officer, RAFVR

Dillwyn, Colin Lewis
Second Lieutenant, Ox and Bucks Light Infantry, 4th Bn.

Dillwyn-Venables-Llewelyn, George William
Second Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, 53rd (Welsh) Division and No.2 Independent Company

Dixon, Eric John Hopkins
Sub-Lieutenant (A), RNVR, H.M.S. Formidable

Donking, Ian
Major, Green Howards (Yorkshire Regiment) 4th Bn.

Donne, John Richard Thomas
Lieutenant, Royal Armoured Corps, 1st Derbyshire Yeomanry

Dormer, Hugh Everard Joseph
Captain, Irish Guards

Drage, Lovell Quentin
Captain, Royal Horse Artillery "A" Bty., 11 (Honourable Artillery Coy.) Regt.

Drummond, Geoffrey Heneage
Lt Commander, Royal Naval Patrol Service

Duff, Charles Edward Rodney
Colonel, 8th King’s Royal Irish Hussars

Duggan, Hubert John
Captain, Life Guards

Dundas, John Charles
Flight Lieutenant, RAF 609 Sqdn.


Eden, Simon Gascoigne
Pilot Officer, RAFVR 62 Sqdn.

Edmunds, Michael Charles
Lieutenant, Ox and Bucks Light Infantry

Edwards, Edward Cecil
Flight Lieutenant, RAF General Duties Branch

Elkington, Richard Ford Rew
Captain, 10th [2nd Bn. The Tower Hamlets Rifles] Bn. of the Rifle Brigade

Elliott, David Phillimore Greenfell
Captain, 1st Bn. Welsh Guards

Ellis, Victor Francis
Captain, Royal Marines, Marine Expeditionary Force, HMS Zulu

Evans-Lawrence, John Lawrence
2nd Lieutenant, Royal Regiment of Artillery


Ffrench-Blake, Desmond O’Brien Evelyn
Lieutenant Colonel, 13th/18th Royal Hussars

Field, John Lawrence
Lieutenant, RNVR

Fisher, Charles William
Captain, Royal Horse Artillery

Ford, Christopher Gilbert
Major, 5th Bn., the Grenadier Guards

Fortescue-Brickdale, Anthony Jerome
Lieutenant, King's African Rifles, Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

French, Charles Malcolm Aubrey
Trooper, 3rd County of London Yeomanry (Sharpshooters) Royal Armoured Corps

Frossard, Louis
Lieutenant, French Navy


Garbutt, Peter Denis
Flying Officer, RAFVR

Gardner, Bryan George
Seaman, RN

Gilfillan, James Henry
Flight Lieutenant, RAFVR

Gilkes, Humphrey Arthur
Colonel, Royal Army Medical Corps

Goodall, Norman Harold
Pilot Officer, RAFVR 234 Sqdn.

Gow, Roderick George Alistair
Captain, Royal Regiment of Artillery, attd. 2nd Bn. South Staffordshire Regiment


Hamilton, John George Alistair
Lieutenant, Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)

Hamilton, John Raine
Second Lieutenant, Dorsetshire Regiment

Harcourt, Anthony Paul
Lieutenant, Irish Guards

Hare, John Edward
2nd Lieutenant, Royal Artillery Service

Hartshorne, Francis Byng
2nd Lieutenant, Corps of Royal Engineers (attd. Indian Engineers)

Harvie, Guy de Laval
Acting Squadron Leader, RAF 57 Sqdn.

Hawker, Peter Thomas Ryves
Lieutenant, RAFVR (WWI)

Hawkins, David Edward Somerville
Pilot Officer, RAF 226 Sqdn.

Hazell, Walter Rippon Borthwick
Captain, Ox and Bucks Light Infantry

Heathcoat-Amory, Edgar Fitzgerald
Major, 126th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

Heathcoat-Amory, Patrick Gerald
Captain, Royal Artillery, attd. 2nd Indian Field Regiment

Heaton, Joseph Victor
Lieutenant, Duke of Wellington's Regiment

Henshaw, Bryan
Lieutenant, Grenadier Guards

Hill, David Samuel
Lieutenant, 17th/21st Lancers, attd 8th Battalion Royal Fusiliers

Hogarth, Rycharde Henry Wilshere
Flying Officer, RAFVR 41 Sqdn.

Holden, Robert James
Captain, Ox and Bucks Light Infantry

Hore, James Conybeare
2nd Lieutenant, 118 H.A.A Regiment


Innes, Maxwell Campbell
Lieutenant, RNVR

Instone, David Simon Theodore
Corporal, Intelligence Corps


Joicey, The Hon David Hugh
2nd Lieutenant, 3rd Bn., The Coldstream Guards


Kershaw, John
Flying Officer, RAF 4th Sqdn.

Kidner, Richard Daymond
Captain, 64th Bt, 3rd Field Regiment of the Royal Artillery

Knibbs, Richard Burden
Lieutenant, 80 (Berkshire) HAA Regiment

Kup, Wilfrid Anthony
Sergeant Observer, RAFVR


Lang, William Laurie
Flight Lieutenant, RAFVR

Lawrence, Robert Percival
Sub-Lieutenant, RNVR

Lawson, Robin Grant
Captain, Northamptonshire Regiment

Leeke, Ralph Humphrey
Lieutenant, 6th Bn., Grenadier Guards

Lee-Steere, Charles Augustus
Flying Officer, RAF (Auxiliary Air Force) 601 (County of London) Sqdn.

Lennox-Boyd, Donald Breay Hague
Civilian, formerly Scots Guards

Lennox-Boyd, Francis Gordon
Major, 22nd Independent Parachute Company

Lennox-Boyd, George Edward
Major, Highland Light Infantry

Lewes, John Steel
2nd Lieutenant, Special Air Service Brigade

Ling, Maurice Graham
2nd Lieutenant, Royal Armoured Corps, attd. 2nd Royal Gloucestershire Hussars

Lloyd, Rodney Warden Bartholomew
Lieutenant, Rifle Brigade, attd 1st Battalion Middlesex Regiment

Locock, Nigel Guy Herbert Chandos
Major, 141st Officer Cadet Training Unit

Longden, Robert Paton
Home Guard

Longueville, Reginald Francis
Lieutenant, Coldstream Guards

Lonsdale, Charles John
Captain, Cameron Highlanders TA

Luard, Robert Ashton Eckford
Commander, RNVR HMS President

Luckham, Edward Hillam Clayton
Major, Kenya Regiment, attd East African Intelligence Corps

Lyell, Charles Antony 2nd Baron Lyell
Captain, 1st Bn. The Scots Guards

Lyons, Henry Anthony Montagu
Sergeant, RAFVR, 100 Sqdn.


Macdonald, Andrew David
Major, 5th King’s Own Scottish Borderers

MacKenzie, Archibald Donald
Captain, 2nd Bn. the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders

Makins, Geoffrey Ernest
Lieutenant, Royal Armoured Corps

Marks, Michael John Colvile
Acting Flight Lieutenant, RAFVR 114 Sqdn.

Marsham-Townsend, Thomas
Captain, Scots Guards

Matheson, Ian Keith
Captain, Scots Guards

Mathew, Christopher Alec
Lieutenant, Royal Armoured Corps

Matthews, Michael Harrington
Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Navy

Mauchline, Lord, Ian Huddlestone Abney-Hastings
Captain, Royal Artillery

Mayhew, Paul Francis
Flight Commander, RAF 79 Sqdn.

Meyer, Edward Stirling
Captain, Black Watch

Middleton, Bernard Hastings
Lieutenant, Hampshire Regiment

Miller, Arthur Thomas
Lieutenant, 60th Rifles, Kings Royal Rifle Corps

Mitchell, Kenneth Amyot
Captain, 157 Field Regiment, Royal Artillery

Mond, The Hon Derek John
Lieutenant, RNVR

Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Merlin
2nd Lieutenant, Rifle Brigade

Moy-Thomas, Edward Alfred
Staff Captain,  1st Airlanding Brigade

Moy-Thomas, James Alan
Flight Lieutenant, RAF (Special Duties)

Munro, Patrick
Private, Home Guard

Murray, George Anthony
Lieutenant Colonel, Scottish Horse Regiment (Territorial Army)

Musgrave, Christopher Michael
Lieutenant, Irish Guards


Newton, Charles Wyndham
Lieutenant, King's Royal Rifle Corps 10th (The Rangers) Battalion, attd Green Howards


O'Brien, Michel William
Squadron Leader, RAFVR, 23 Sqdn.

Oldacres, Leonard John
Flying Officer, RAFVR, 4 Sqdn.

Oldham, Wilfrid Henry Burd
Lieutenant Colonel, 4th Prince of Wales' Own Gurkha Rifles, commanding 1st Battalion

O'Malley, Derek Keppel
Flying Officer, RAFVR, 264 Sqdn.

Owen, Alfred George Lewys


Page, Henry Allison
Lieutenant, United States Navy

Parish, John Neville Woodbine
Sub-Lieutenant (A), RNVR, H.M.S. Heron

Parker, Chester James
Lieutenant, RNVR, H.M. Submarine Thorn

Pearce, James Townsend
Captain, Royal Indian Army Service Corps

Pearce-Gould, Eric Lush
Surgeon Rear Admiral, Royal Navy

Pearl, Warren Whitewright Duncan
Flying Officer, RAFVR, 2 G.T.S.

Pember, Rawdon Cecil George
Captain, Scots Guards

Petre, Miles Seymour Edward
Major, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry 1st Bn.

Pettiward, Roger Gamelyn
Captain, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment and No. 4 Commando

Pilkington, Mark Leslie
Captain, Life Guards and Long Range Desert Group

Pitman Butler, Peter
Captain, Royal Armoured Corps, 7th Queen's Own Hussars

Pitman, John
Captain, Royal Armoured Corps, 3rd King's Own Hussars

Pollard-Urquhart, Arthur Lewis

Porter, Christopher Waltham
Sub-Lieutenant (A), RNVR, H.M.S. Daedalus serving w/ 29 Sqdn. RAF


Quinn, The Reverend Joseph Edward Gough
Chaplain 4th Class, Royal Army Chaplains' Department


Rafferty, Bryan Dominic
Captain, Royal Berkshire Regiment, attd. SOE

Raikes, Marcus Hamilton
Captain, Border Regiment

Ramsay, James Surtees Maule
Lieutenant, Scots Guards, 3rd Bn.

Randall, Peter Erle
Lieutenant, Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment)1st Bn.

Rathbone, John Rankine
Flight Lieutenant, RAFVR, 82 Sqdn.

Rice, Arthur Michael Norman
Major, Northamptonshire Regiment attd. 5th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment

Richards, John Nigel
Pilot Officer, RAFVR, 7 Sqdn.

Ripley, The Hon Henry Derek
Flight Lieutenant, RAF, 80 Sqdn.

Rochford, Anthony William Timothy
Lieutenant, Irish Guards 1st Bn.

Rochford, Stephen Christopher
Flying Officer, RAF, 53 Sqdn.

Roger-Smith, Basil Hugh
Captain, North Staffordshire Regiment

Roskilly, Thomas Abel
Flight Lieutenant, RAFVR

Russell, Charles James Lennox
Major, King's Own Scottish Borderers 2nd Bn.

Russell, John Anthony Peregrine
Lieutenant, Gordon Highlanders, 2nd Battalion

Ryan, Lionel Ernest Norwood


Saigol, Vivian Roy
Indian Air Force

Salmon, Russell
General List

Salter, Leonard Leigh
Captain, Regina Rifle Regiment, R.C.I.C.

Sanderson, Reginald Wooley

Sanford, William Boris
2nd Lieutenant, Gloucestershire Regiment, 2nd Bn.

Sarsfield-Hall, Patrick Geoffrey Edward
Lieutenant, Irish Guards, 3rd Bn.

Scholefield, Edward Cotterill
Flying Officer, RAFVR, 612 Sqdn.

Shawcross, Michael Campbell
Lieutenant, Devonshire Regiment 7th Bn. seconded to 1st Bn. Worcestershire Regiment

Shebbeare, William Godolphin Conway
Major, Royal Armoured Corps, 23rd Hussars

Shelton, Robert Anthony
Lieutenant, Border Regiment (formerly 1st Bn. The Duke of Wellington's Regiment), attd. 5th Bn. Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)

Shepherd, Edward Daniel Arthur
Flight Lieutenant, RAFVR, 29 Sqdn.

Skuce, Peter Grahame
Pilot Officer, RAFVR, 207 Sqdn.

Snell, Hugh Mortain
Lieutenant, Scots Guards

Spencer, John Ogilvie
Major, Welsh Guards

Steer, George Lowther
Lieutenant Colonel, Intelligence Corps

Stoop, Adrian Frederick
Lieutenant, Royal Armoured Corps, attd. 9th Bn. Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)

Swann, Kenneth Geoffrey
Major, Royal Artillery, 342 By, 86 (The Hertfordshire Yeomanry) Field Regiment


Tait, Ian Andrew
Captain, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, seconded to The Parachute Regiment, A.A.C.

Thatcher, John Anthony Ranulf
Captain, Indian Army, 16th Punjab Regiment

Twining, Richard Cecil
Captain, Welsh Guards, 3rd Bn.

Tyndale, William Barnard
Rifleman, Royal Ulster Rifles, 1st Bn., The London Irish Rifles


Usher, The Reverend Philip Charles Alexander
Squadron Leader, Chaplain, RAFVR


Venning, John Edgecombe
Lieutenant, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, attd. 1st Bn. the Dorsetshire Regiment

Vestey, The Hon William Howarth
Captain, Scots Guards, 1st Bn.

Visconti Venosta, Enrico
Major, attd. 5th Army Group

Vickery, Peter Alan Winslow
Lieutenant, Coldstream Guards


Wakefield, Edward Roger
Royal Artillery, Special Service Brigade

Wallace, Michael Leon Blair
Lieutenant, Queen’s Own Royal West Kent Regiment

Watson, Gerard Arthur
Captain, Royal Sussex Regiment, 4th Bn.

Weir, Archibald Nigel Charles
Flying Officer, RAFVR, 145 Sqdn.

Wethered, Guy Ernest
Major, Gloucestershire Regiment, 10th Bn.

Williamson, Arthur John
Captain, Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) 2nd Bn.

Williamson, William Hedworth
Major, Royal Artillery 102 (The Northumberland Hussars) Anti-Tank Regiment

Wilson, Ralph Patrick Farquhar
Lieutenant, Gordon Highlanders, 2nd Battalion, The London Scottish

Wingfield, Mervyn Richard Edward Anthony Rhys
Leading Aircraftman, RAFVR

Winn, The Hon Anthony Edmund
Captain, King's Royal Rifle Corps, 11th Bn. (1st Bn. The Queen's Westminsters)

Woods, Ellison Murray
Major, Yorkshire Dragoons Yeomanry (Queen's Own), D Sqdn.

Wright, John Francis
Officer Cadet, Royal Corps of Signals

Wyatt, Eric Thomas
Major, Coldstream Guards, 2nd Bn.


Yeatman-Biggs, Arthur Huyshe
Major, Green Howards (Yorkshire Regiment) 10th Bn., attd. 7th Bn. Leicestershire Regiment


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