Ms Roberta Berardi

Roberta Berardi
Part-time Lecturer in Classics


MA, BA University of Bari; DPhil University of Oxford (submitted in September 2019)

Academic Background

I studied Humanities, Classics (languages, literature,  history, philology) at the University of Bari, then in 2016 I moved to Oxford to pursue my DPhil in Classical Languages and Literature.

Undergraduate teaching

I teach different papers in both Greek and Latin languages and literatures.

Research Interests

My expertise is on under-explored aspects of oratory: I have worked on the little-known letters of Attic orators (Demosthenes, Aeschines, and Isocrates, and on the fragments of Lysias’ letters); for my DPhil I have completed the first edition and commentary of the fragments of Hellenistic orators


Book chapters and books edited:

R. Berardi, ‘Public letters of Attic Orators: a literary typology, in Aiste Kucinskiene’ (ed.), Reshaping the Boundaries of the Epistolary Discourse, Oxford: Interdisciplinary Press, 2016.

R. Berardi Introduction 3.,’Following the Routes of Textual Transmission: Corpora, Text, and Paratext’, in R. Berardi, N. Bruno, L. Fizzarotti (eds.), On the track of the book: Scribes, Libraries and Textual Transmission, De Gruyter, Beiträge zur Altertumskunde 375, Berlin-New York 2019, 5-8.

R. Berardi, Establishing a Corpus of Fragments for a Fragmentary Literary Genre: the Case of Hellenistic Orators,   in F. Ginelli and F. Lupi (eds.), From Sources to Editions and Back Again. The Continuity of Classical Literature through Fragmentary Traditions (accepted for publication in a forthcoming volume for Brill).

R. Berardi, Esercizi di Stile (?): Prime Considerazioni su un Singolare Manoscritto Leidense (accepted for publication in a 2019 special issue of Studi Classici e Orientali).

R. Berardi, Some Remarks on the ‘Proemium’ of Demosthenes’ Letter I (forthcoming) in R. Berardi, M. Filosa,  D. Massimo (eds.), Defining Authorship, debating authenticity: problems of authority from Classical Antiquity to the Renaissance.

Journal Articles

R. Berardi, ‘Italianità, Sicilianità e Patriottismo’, in Futuro Classico 5, 2019 (issue on Classics and the Great War, introduction to section.