Dr Sebastian Sunday Grève

Philosophy, Politics and Economics


BA, MPhil, DPhil

Academic Background

DPhil, Philosophy, University of Oxford, 2018

MPhil, Philosophy, University of London, 2014

BA, German and Philosophy, University of Göttingen, 2011

Undergraduate Teaching

Introduction to Philosophy (General Philosophy, Logic, Moral Philosophy); Ethics; Knowledge and Reality; Philosophy of Mind; The Philosophy of Logic and Language; Frege, Russell and Wittgenstein; The Later Philosophy of Wittgenstein; Philosophical Logic

Research Interests

Epistemology; Logic and Philosophy of Logic; Philosophy of Mind; Wittgenstein

Selected Publications

Wittgenstein on Philosophy, Objectivity, and Meaning, co-edited with James Conant (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2019)

'Logic and Philosophy of Logic in Wittgenstein', Australasian Journal of Philosophy 96 (2018)

'Logic', in Anat Matar, ed., Understanding Wittgenstein, Understanding Modernism (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2017)

'Wittgenstein on Gödelian "Incompleteness", Proofs and Mathematical Practice', co-authored with Wolfgang Kienzler, in Sebastian Sunday Grève and Jakub Mácha, eds, Wittgenstein and the Creativity of Language (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016)

'The Importance of Understanding Each Other in Philosophy', Philosophy 90 (2015)