Dr Peter Hill

Oriental Studies
Junior Research Fellow in Oriental Studies


BA European and Middle Eastern Languages, University of Oxford

MSt Oriental Studies, University of Oxford

DPhil Oriental Studies, University of Oxford

Undergraduate Teaching

Middle East in the Age of Empire, 1830-1971 (second-year undergraduate History course)

The Global Twentieth Century, 1930-2003 (second-year undergraduate History course)

Theory and Methods (History Masters course)

Arabic Historical Readings (graduate and undergraduate option, Arabic and Middle East Studies)

Research Interests

Middle Eastern history; Arabic literature; nineteenth-century Arab Nahda; Ottoman Empire; global and comparative history. 


Utopia and Civilisation in the Arab Nahda. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, in press.

‘Translation and the Globalisation of the Novel: Relevance and Limits of a Diffusionist Model’. In Marilyn Booth (ed.), Migrating Texts: Translation around the Late Ottoman Mediterranean (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, in press).

‘The Arabic Adventures of Télémaque: Trajectory of a Global Enlightenment Text in the Nahdah’. Journal of Arabic Literature, 49: 3 (2018), 171-203.

‘Ottoman Despotism and Islamic Constitutionalism in Mehmed Ali’s Egypt’. Past & Present, 237:1 (2017), 135–166.

‘Arguing with Europe: Eastern Civilisation versus Orientalist Exoticism’, PMLA 132: 2 (2017), 405–12.

‘The First Arabic Translations of Enlightenment Literature: The Damietta Circle of the 1800s and 1810s’. Intellectual History Review, 24:2 (2015), 209-233.

‘Early Arabic Translations of English Fiction: The Pilgrim’s Progress and Robinson Crusoe’. Journal of Semitic Studies, 60: 1 (2015), 177-212.