Dr Kathleen Vancleef

Postdoctoral Research Fellow


BSc, MSc, PhD

Academic Background

I completed my PhD in 2013 at University of Leuven (Belgium) where I studied perceptual organisation in healthy adults and in brain-damaged patients through psychophysical and neuropsychological methods. After a short postdoc on motor learning and brain stimulations at the same university, I moved to Newcastle University (UK). There I developed and validated ASTEROID, a 3D vision test for children with lazy eye that works on a tablet. In 2018, I started my Stroke Association Postdoctoral Fellowship at University of Oxford.

Undergraduate Teaching

Demonstrator for Neuropsychology in Stroke
Tutor for Part 1 Perception

Research Interests

I am passionate about translational research in the domain of visual perception. With my work, I want to improve the life of adults and children with brain damage. My basic research projects focus on how the brain structures visual information. I apply the research findings from these fundamental research projects in the development of vision tests for brain-damaged adults and children with Cerebral Visual Impairment. The tests have a large impact in the scientific and clinical community. Currently, I am working on improving screening for visual perception problems in acute stroke patients.

Publications include

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I enjoy walks in the countryside, singing, dancing and traveling