Dr Hugo Shakeshaft

Junior Research Fellow in Classics


MA, MSt., DPhil.

Academic Background

I studied Classics at Cambridge for my undergraduate, then spent a year as a Herchel Smith scholar at Harvard University. After a Master of Studies in Classical Archaeology at Oxford, I worked for a year in the Greece and Rome department of the British Museum. I returned to Oxford for a DPhil in Ancient History.

Undergraduate teaching

Ancient Greek history, art and archaeology.

Research Interests

Archaic and Classical Greek history, literature, religion, aesthetics, art and archaeology. In particular, I work on ancient Greek aesthetics and religion. My doctoral research explores the significance of ideas and experiences of beauty for Greek relations with the gods in the Archaic period (c.750-480 BCE). I study all different kinds of ancient evidence - literature, inscriptions, architecture, sculpture, vase-painting etc. - to see how they might shed light on each other.


‘The Terminology for beauty in the Iliad and Odyssey’, Classical Quarterly 69:1.


Drawing, cricket, frisbee.