Dr Graham Benham

Departmental Lecturer in Applied Mathematics


MSci, DPhil

Academic Background:

I completed my undergraduate and Masters degree in Mathematics at UCL, followed by a DPhil in Mathematics at St Anne's College, Oxford. My thesis investigated the mathematics of low-head hydropower, that is harnessing energy from small rivers and tides.

I took up postdoctoral positions at the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris, and at the Centre for Environmental and Industrial Flows at Cambridge, before returning to Oxford for a 3 year academic faculty position (Departmental Lecturer) in the Mathematical Institute.

Undergraduate Teaching: I teach applied mathematics courses to the 1st and 2nd year undergraduates at Christ Church, including Geometry, Dynamics, Constructive Mathematics, Differential Equations (1&2), Mathematical Modelling in Biology, and Quantum Theory. In the Mathematical Institute I will start lecturing Topics in Fluid Mechanics (Part C) from Michaelmas 2022.

Research Interests:

My research uses mathematical modelling to tackle problems in geoscience and the environment with important societal applications. Beyond extracting energy from rivers, I have also worked on the geological storage of carbon dioxide emissions to reduce global warming, and groundwater management for communities in dry coastal regions.

I am also passionate about the mathematics of sports, and have previously collaborated with Olympic athletes in Paris to improve performance in rowing and cycling.


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I am a keen cyclist and have completed long-distance tours around Italy, Ireland and Central Asia.