Dr Alex Middleton

Lecturer in History


BA, MPhil, PhD Cambridge.

Academic Background

I was the M.G. Brock Junior Research Fellow at Corpus Christi College, Oxford between 2015 and 2018, and prior to that a college lecturer at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

Undergraduate Teaching

Modern British history; modern European history; imperial and global history; historiography and historical methodology.

Research Interests

Nineteenth century British politics and political ideas; modern European imperial and international thought; history of political and social science

My research is about British politics and ideas, c. 1780-1880, in their international contexts. I am mainly interested in the ideological questions created by British imperial and foreign policy, and in the ways domestic debates over government, religion, and political order were influenced by engagement and exchanges with other polities. Work within this second strand has centred so far on European empires (territorial and transoceanic) and post-imperial autocracies in Latin America. I am also interested in the contemporary historiographies of British politics, British and European political thought, and European overseas expansion.

I am completing a book on British politics and imperial government, 1828-1867, which deals with arguments about Britain’s own structures of imperial rule between the first two domestic Reform Acts, and working towards another provisionally called Anatomies of autocracy: European empires and arbitrary regimes in British politics, 1815-1886, which will be about Victorian political demonologies.

Publications include:

‘The state of modern British political history?’, Parliamentary History (forthcoming).

‘European colonial empires and Victorian imperial exceptionalism’, in Willibald Steinmetz, ed., The force of comparison: a new perspective on modern European history and the contemporary world (forthcoming).

‘The second reform act and the politics of empire’, Parliamentary History, 36:1 (2017). Special issue on ‘“Shooting Niagara – and After?” The Second Reform Act and its World’, ed. Robert Saunders.

 ‘French Algeria in British imperial thought, 1830-1870’, Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, 16:1 (2015). Special issue on ‘Imperial History and Connected Histories of Empire’.

‘Rajah Brooke and the Victorians’, Historical Journal, 53:2 (2010).

I have written book reviews and review essays for the English Historical Review, the Journal of British Studies, Victorian Studies, Parliamentary History, Reviews in History, Twentieth Century British History, and the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society.