Christ Church Gates

There are a number of different entrances to Christ Church, here is a guide to which one you should use and how to find them:

Tom Tower and Tom GateTom Gate

Tom Gate is on St Aldates, under the big tower (Tom Tower)

Use Tom Gate if:

♦ You are a prospective student visiting on an Open Day, or coming for an interview.

♦ You wish to worship, or attend a service or event in the Cathedral.

♦ You are attending a guided tour led by a Christ Church Custodian (advance booking required).

♦ You are attending a Christ Church event.

You are a wheelchair user.

♦ You are on College or Cathedral business – please report to the Porters’ Lodge.

♦ You are a B&B guest, you should go to the Porters' Lodge at Tom Gate to check in.

Some attendees at Conferences and Summer Schools may also use Tom Gate, but you should refer to registration information provided by your organiser.


Meadow GateMeadow Gate

Meadow Gate is on the Broad Walk. Gate into the Memorial GardenMost people access this from St Aldates by passing through the gates into the Memorial Garden, and walking through to Meadow Gate which overlooks the Meadows and Broad Walk.

You can also reach Meadow Gate by coming from Merton Field or along the Broad Walk from the direction of the Botanic Gardens, or up New walk from the river.

♦ If you are a visitor wishing to look around Christ Church, you can buy your entry ticket from the Visitor Centre opposite Meadow Gate (subject to availability).

Groups of 10 or more people must book in advance using our webform.


Canterbury GateCanterbury Gate

Canterbury Gate is at the junction of Oriel Square and Merton Street.

♦ Use Canterbury Gate if you only wish to visit the Picture Gallery.

Those wishing to combine a visit to the Picture Gallery with a visit to Christ Church should enter via Meadow Gate.