Current and Forthcoming Exhibitions

Constructing Christmas
Drawings of the Renaissance and Baroque

22 October 2022 – 23 January 2023 (extended) 


The story of the birth of Jesus has become one of the most depicted subjects in Western Art and these images are still influencing how we see Christmas today. To celebrate the season, Christ Church Picture Gallery will show a selection of drawings from its permanent collection exploring the motifs – from the Nativity to the Flight to Egypt – and their enduring impact. 




Portraits of W H Auden

8 April 2022 – 17 October 2022 (extended) 


To introduce Christ Church's new acquisition – a portrait of the poet and college alumnus Wystan Hugh Auden – we assembled a selection of his likenesses in a special display. 



Invented Landscapes:
How Old Masters drew Nature 

11 February 2023 - 15 May 2023 


The landscape as an independent, image-worthy subject appearead late in Western Art and its beginnings lie in the more private medium of drawing. This exhibition will showcase how artists of the Renaissance and Baroque developed and then fuelled an interest in the subject of nature: from the Venetian artist Domenico Campagnola's (1500-1564) idyllic landscapes of a romantic rural life to the French master Claude Lorrain (1600-1682), whose name became synonymous with landscape painting. 



"Illustrious Persons"
Immortalising the Faces of Bureaucracy, Robert Nanteuil 1623-1678

11 February 2023 - 15 May 2023 


Robert Nanteuil (1623-1678) was the most influential and innovative engraver in the seventeenth century, immortalising the court and officials of Louis XIV in France. This display explores twelve of his engraved portraits, interrogating the faces of the corridors of power. The prints are from the collection of Dean Henry Aldrich (1648-1710), and also show the fascination that an English audience had for these works.