Cathedral ID Card Application

The Cathedral is committed to ensuring that Christ Church is a safer and more secure space for all visitors and members of the community.

The Dean and Chapter have agreed that all Cathedral Volunteers and Staff must be assigned and carry approved Cathedral Photo ID cards in order to access the site. This is provide easy access and identification of personnel who have legitimate access to the Cathedral through Christ Church for the purpose of carrying out their volunteering role, but who are not issued with a University Card. This will ensure the security of those working in and visiting the Cathedral as well as comply with National Counter-Terrorism Security Office (Natsco) guidance, Health & Safety at Work legislation and Christ Church's security policies.

The ID cards will ensure that those responsible for security can be confident that those working in the Cathedral and access the site are authorised volunteers, teachers, or parents who have been approved. In a place which is busy with tourists and congregations, identification of authorised volunteers is vital.

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