Our Projects

There are several challenges facing the House in protecting the high standards of a Christ Church education. Rising fees mean that we need to offer more and greater student support for both undergraduates and graduates, so that we can continue to admit the best and the brightest, regardless of financial background. In addition to this, existing tutorial posts increasingly have to be solely funded by the House, rather than shared with the University, if Christ Church wishes to keep the existing number of teaching posts. To continue to offer the best teaching, and encourage and back world class research, we are striving to fund the entire cost of the tutorial system and protect it in perpetuity.  

All of this means that the support of our Members is more vital than ever. It is imperative that Christ Church strives for financial independence so that our activities and principles are not compromised due to unsustainable funding. 35% of our Members have made a gift to the House. Please consider joining them in safeguarding a Christ Church education.

There is more to a Christ Church education than just reading for a degree. The historic fabric, the Cathedral, the Meadows, sport, music, and the many other areas of college life that combine to make for an all-round education, require funding to ensure they remain the best we can offer our members. Your support in underwriting these areas is as equally needed and welcome.

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