Christ Church Library Newsletter

Christ Church Library Newsletter is an academic publication primarily documenting and interpreting aspects of the collection at Christ Church, but not only. All aspects of descriptive and historical bibliography come within its scope, including the history of the production, distribution and reception of books, provenance, the history of collecting and of libraries, paper, printing and binding.

Current Issue

Library Newsletter Vol 13, Issues 1-3, 2021-2022 : Introduction and Index  to Locations in Robert Burton’s The Anatomy of Melancholy; Translating the Liturgy in Pre-Reformation England: A new edition of the Wycliffite Old Testament Lectionary; News about the 1519 Sarum Antiphoner; ‘Laud’s liturgy’: The conservation of a unique Book of Common Prayer; ‘A Ground by Mr Hen. Purcell’: the private life of a masterpiece; Chapel Royal links in Oxford: The Music of Captain Henry Cooke at Christ Church; “By the author of the Whole Duty of Man?”: Identifying Books by Richard Allestree; Portraits of Actors in the Brady Collection; Samuel Judah Katzenellenbogen: Meeting Former Owners of Hebrew books; Conference on ‘500 Years of Hebrew Teaching, Hebrew Studies and Hebraica Collecting at Christ Church’; Exhibition ‘Quenching Curiosity: Unusual Hebrew Books at Christ Church’; Herbrarica, Hebraica, Hebraicum or Herbarium?; A love letter in verse in Christ Church MS 184?; The Welsh Content of Christ Church MS 184; Note on the two versions of ‘The Barberry Tree’ Poem; Photographing the Invisible: Items in Need of Specialist Imaging from Christ Church Collections

Past Issues

Library Newsletter Vol 12, Issues 2-3, 2020-2021 : New Acquisition for Special Collections: Erasmus' 1522 Moriae Encomium; A Closer Look at Henry Aldrich's Borrowings in Music and Architecture; The Story of the F.B. Brady Collection; Play-Texts in the Brady Collection; Japanese Woodblock Prints, Utagawa Kunisada and the Brady Collection; Two Examples of Catalogued Japanese Prints in the Brady Collection; The Oldest Manuscript of the Chronicle of Ioannina; Transcription of MS 49 (Supplement); Three Obscure Greek Authors; Katheryn of Berain and the Welsh Codex: More Provenance Notes Regarding MS 184; A Case of Moonlighting: Notes on the Richard Goodson Collection of Scores; Music from a Christ Church Tudor manuscript discussed in New York Times; Treasures from the Library at the V&A and Hampton Court; Gifts of Books and Women Making History; Dante in Christ Church; Newly Digitised Treasures at Christ Church.

Library Newsletter Vol 12, Issue 1, 2020-2021 : The Salusbury Manuscripts - Notes on Provenance; A Scarlatti Operatic Masterpiece Revisited; Welcome to the New College Librarian; The Neglected Manuscripts of Tristram Sugge; Two Unrelated Texts - MS 193; Lord Portal Archive - New Insights; Conserving von Breydenbach's Peregrinatio in Terram Sanctam; East-West Connections in the Wake Archive; New Publications - The Story of the Land and Livings of Christ Church, Oxford; Recent Acquisitions - Henry Sydall's 1534 Antwerp Bible; Rare Bibles, Surprising Provenance and the 1676 Bodleian Book Auction.

Library Newsletter Vol 11, 2019-2020 : More Photographs by Lewis Carroll; Hebrew Incunabula at Christ Church: William Blake’s Rolling Press at Christ Church; Building William Blake’s Printing Press; The 'Great Rebuilding' - Christ Church's Eighteenth-Century Renaissance; Lord Portal’s Hawking Diaries; The 'Flower of Spain'- A Tale of Spies and Intrigue; 'Thinking 3D' - Towards an Oxford-wide Series of Exhibitions and Events; 'Dimensions - The Mathematics of Symmetry and Space'; 'Nature Within the Pages'; Insect Damage in Kepler’s Astronomiae Pars Optica; The Making of a Renaissance Bestseller - Albrecht Dürer's Treatise on Geometry.

Library Newsletter Vol 10, 2017-2018 : Rare Photograph Acquired by Christ Church; The Zohars of Mantua and Cremona; The Roman Collection: Early Coin Catalogues; Lord Portal Papers: Looking for 'Sholto'; More than Bombing Policy: New Evidence; 'The Excommunication Out of Paradice' by Lady Eleanor Douglas; Fragile Relics: Cardinal Wolsey's 'Porridge Bowl' and the Biographies of 16th-Century Chinese Porcelain Objects; Eighteenth-Century Coffee Houses, 'New Libraries' and Christ Church.

Library Newsletter Volume 9, 2012-2013 : Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - The 150 Anniversary; The Provenance of Hebrew MS 199; Robert Burton - The Melancholy Librarian; C.L. Woolley: Digging for Burton in the Library; Aldrich, Tallis and Playing without Barlines; Peckwater Quad's London Connection; Young Thomas Wolsey; The Real Alice and the Common Room Cat; Antiquarian Cataloguing and Proofreading; Digitizing Manuscripts at Christ Church.

Library Newsletter Volume 8, 2011-2012 : Walter Porter and the 'Duplicity of Duplicates'; The Oxford Music School Collection; Creating Online Access to Manuscript Pages; Fell's Friends and the Sheldonian Press; Binding Stories and HYP Pamphlets; Surface Cleaning and Conservation; Monk Students and Their Books; Arabian Nights Manuscripts in Paris; Nicolas Cantilupe and the Manuscripts Catalogue

Library Newsletter Volume 7/3, 2011 : The Aeschylus of Richard Porson; Cataloguing 'Z' - Early Printed Pamphlets; A Postal Item of 1689; The Private Papers of Viscount Portal; Book Security in the Upper Library; The Cardinal's College - A New Publication; Restoring Cardinal Wolsey's Household List; William Byrd's Masses and Imaging in the Library; A Fingerprint and Two Photographs by Charles Dodgson

Library Newsletter Volume 7/2, 2011 : Conserving Remmelin's Catoptrum; From Manuscripts to Mandrake Roots; Cooking and Dining at Christ Church; Time Capsule under Restoration; Medieval Tiles in the Allestree Library; Medieval MSS from Mainz in Oxford - Part 2; Illuminations and Icons in the Making; Breaking the Canon? MS 28

Library Newsletter Volume 7/1, 2010 : Portrait of a Cardinal ... A Painting Restored; Inside Architecture ... Finalizing the Library; Colour Fantastic and John Fowler's Scheme; Habemus Patrem ... The Lost William Wake; Medieval MSS from Mainz in Oxford (Part 1); Photographing Beauty; Removal of Artworks to Safety; Redecorating the Upper Library in 1964

Library Newsletter Volume 6/3, 2010 : Labyrinth Lost, Ancient Maps and Filming; Authorship in a Hebrew Codex ... Ms 199; Libraries and Scaliger's Legacy of Learning; News from the Early Printed Books Project; Writing in an Unusual Portrait of Wolsey, Esther Inglis and the French Psalter ... Ms 180;  Benefactors and the Kimbel Art Museum; Postscript to Shakespeare's Mentor ...Ms 184; Preserving the Past ... Ms 4;

Library Newsletter Volume 6/2, 2010 :  Tenants and the Book of Evidences; Shakespeare's Mentor?... MS 184; Boys Toys and Courtly Love ... MS 92; The Knight and the Appropriated Tomb; Portrait of a Virtuoso; Hebrew Manuscripts and Crossing Borders; Update on Cataloguing the Wake Collection; Christ Church Music Catalogue; Remmelin's 'Catoptrum Microcosmicum'

Library Newsletter Volume 6/1, 2009 : In Memoriam John Mason; Lights, Scaffolding ... Action; Continuity in Preserving the Past; The Cardinal's Hat at Yale; Public Libraries in the Roman World; Ancient Documents and Papyrology; The Breviary of Abbot Marmaduke Huby; William Wake's Byzantine Manuscripts; Picture Diary (2): The Transformation of a Library

Library Newsletter Volume 5/3, 2009 : Henry Aldrich and Early Music Collections; The Stones of Christ Church; Preserving the Past; Scribal Conversation in MS 152 (2); Civil War Pamphlets; Reading Beneath the Lines; Learning and the Goddess

Library Newsletter Volume 5/2, 2009 : Martin Llewellyn's Atlas of the East;  Walter de Milemete's Kite Bomb; A Cartographic Treasure House; Where are Wake's Books?; Maps of the Mind; Scribal Conversation in MS 152 (1); Medieval Mapping of Transylvania

Library Newsletter Volume 5/1, 2008 : Book Collections, Private Homes; Thomas Roberts' Navigation Instruments; Notes on the Orrery Collection (2); Reading Copernicus; The Archbishop as a Schoolboy;  Wren and the Greatest Jigsaw Puzzle; Letters to the Editor; Hans Sloane Printed Books Project

Library Newsletter Volume 4/3, 2008 : The Unusual History of the 1564 Torah Scrolls; Western Manuscripts Catalogue Online; The Case of the Lost Torah; Tremellius & the Morris Collection; Documenting Oxford's Jewish History;  Profession: Archbishop's Wife;  Archbishop Wake and All Souls;  EEB Microfilm Project at Christ Church

Library Newsletter Volume 4/2, 2008 : Hearing Morley's Puzzles; Dating Wolsey's Lectionaries; Projects and Collaborations - ESTC; The Case of the Missing Title Page; Notes on the Orrery Collection; Renaissance Editors; New Books in the Lewis Carol Collection

Library Newsletter Volume 4/1, 2007 : Commemorating W.H. Auden; Pressing Matters; Missing - One Archive; W.C. Cotton and Lewis Carroll; Provenance Research and the EPB Project; Exhibitions: Famous Scores Revisited

Library Newsletter Volume 3/3, 2007 : Hymn books & the harmony of the spheres; Fresh ideas about MS 92; Online catalogues & the music collection; Locke Stock; Job Hunting in the 18th century; Exhibitions: Musical Rites

Library Newsletter Volume 3/2, 2007 : Filming in the Upper Library; An Exciting New Discovery; Contributions to 'A Portrait of the House'; Update on the Early Printed Books Project; Bestsellers of the Middle Ages; Exhibitions: Prayers in Canonical Time

Library Newsletter Volume 3/1, 2006 : Culture in Pieces; Cataloguing the Music Collection; Exhibitions in the Upper Library; Papyri in 'Waste Paper City'; Update on the Early Printed Books Project; Exhibitions: Culture in Pieces

Library Newsletter Volume 2/3, 2006 : Redecoration of the Upper Library in 1964-5; News from the Archive; Sorting out Letters in the "Alice Collection";  A Book from John Dee's Library; Introducing VTLS Virtua; Exhibitions: Astraea ~ Queen Elizabeth I at Christ Church

Library Newsletter Volume 2/2, 2006 :Antiquarian cataloguing & the EPB; Personal scanning in the Bodleian; Old College plans & drawings; Embossed bindings in the Wake collection; Google digitisation project; Library news; What’s on – Exhibitions: Looking at the Heavens : Books on astronomy

Library Newsletter Volume 2/1, 2005 : Welcome to new readers; Library donation; Update on OLIS; Brief guide to searching the catalogues; Summer schools in the Library; An unusual incunable; Library news; Noticeboard; What’s on – Exhibitions: The Finest Library : Architectural drawings

Library Newsletter Volume 1/3, 2005 : Early printed books (EPB) at Christ Church; EPB Project: Background and brief history; Archbishop Wake’s bequest to the Library; News - The Trevor Roper Papers; Library news; Noticeboard; What’s on – Exhibitions: Endgame : Charles I and the English Civil War

Library Newsletter Volume 1/2, 2005 : New acquisition; New Library regulations; Dean Aldrich and the Library; New interface for the Library catalogue; Library news; Noticeboard; What’s on – Exhibitions: The Way of the Word : Dictionaries

Library Newsletter Volume 1/1, 2004 : Introducing OLIS to Christ Church; New computers in an old library; Exhibitions: Beauty and the Book; Notes on the Upper Library; Noticeboard: The Oxford DNB - ‘Made in Christ Church’; Old Masters in the West & East Libraries; Tales from the Basement