Lieutenant Anthony Paul Harcourt

Irish Guards - Service number 228330

Born:  September 24th 1922
Died:  February 22nd 1944

Anthony Harcourt was the son of Lt.-Col. Edric Sherwood Harcourt, M.C and his wife, Mabel Nancy Stewart Atkinson. He was born at Elham, Kent.

Colonel Harcourt’s  medals were sold on e-bay in 2008. He had been born in 1885, and commissioned in 1903. He became a Lieutenant Colonel in 1928, and retired in 1932. He was qualified in seven languages. His Military Cross was gazetted on 11/1/1916. He was severely wounded at the battle of Nasiriyah. He lived for many years in Lucknow. After he retired, he taught Urdu and Persian at Oxford University. The family lived at 3 Wellington Place, Oxford. He died in Oxford in 1968.

His translation of the work of the essayist, historian and novelist Abdul Halim Sharar (1860-1926), describing the culture and way of life of the people of Lucknow during the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries was published as “Lucknow: The Last Phase of an Oriental Culture”.

Anthony was educated at Wellington College and Matriculated in 1941. He was up at Christ Church for a year, and was awarded a 3rd in the short course in French and German.

He was a Lieutenant in the Irish Guards when he died of wounds at Anzio.

He is buried in the Anzio War Cemetery Plot I, L, 3.