Student Societies

Christ Church Student Societies

There are a number of different student societies at Christ Church, which cater for all sorts of interests; some of these are listed below, with links to their own sites.

If you wish to set up a new society, you must seek permission from the Junior Censor. Once approved, your society can then be listed on this page.

If you are involved with a Christ Church student society and would like it listed here, please contact the Academic Office.


Christ Church Music Society

Christ Church Music Society (CCMS) represents one of Oxford's biggest and busiest music scenes in the university. Entirely student-run, they oversee an astonishing variety of recitals, concerts and other musical events - boasting one of the city's finest acoustics with the stunning Christ Church Cathedral - and are dedicated to doing their best in giving everyone both in and out of college a chance to perform. Find out more by emailing them at

Christ Church College Choir

Sports Societies

Christ Church Boat Club

Academic Societies

Halford MacKinder Society - the Christ Church Geography Society

Mansfield Society - the Christ Church Law Society

S.R. Gardiner History Society  - the Christ Church History Society

Other Societies

Christ Church Chess Club

Christ Church Christian Union