The Censors' Office and Tutors' Office

The Censors:

The Senior Censor and Junior Censor are Tutors at Christ Church; each takes the Junior Censor role for two years before becoming Senior Censor for two further years. The Censors are responsible for overseeing the academic life of Christ Church, as well as many aspects of the social life of our students, and are an important link between Junior Members and Governing Body. Both the Senior and Junior Censor can be consulted in confidence on personal issues, if you feel unable to discuss them with your personal tutor.

The Senior Censor

The Senior Censor, currently Dr Brian Young, is responsible for academic matters, including requests for course changes or suspension of studies, general concerns and complaints about academic work which cannot be resolved by your Tutor, and academic discipline.

The Senior Censor is available by appointment via the Academic Registrar.

The Senior Censor's Office is on the first floor of Staircase 8, Tom Quad.

tel.: 01865 276159, email:

The Junior Censor

The Junior Censor, currently Professor Geraldine Johnson, is responsible for non-academic matters, such as granting permission to be absent from college in term time, to hold a party or to stay in college accommodation during the vacation. She also deals with non-academic discipline. 

Junior Censor’s Michaelmas Term Office Hours (or by appointment) - top floor of Tom 8

Week 1: Wed, 8:30am-9:30am

Week 2: Wed, 12:15pm-1pm

Week 3: Wed, 12:15pm-1:15pm

Week 4: Wed, 12:15pm-1pm

Week 5: Wed, 8:30am-9:30am

Week 6: Wed, 12:15pm-1:15pm

Week 7: Wed, 12:15pm-1pm

Week 8: Wed, 12pm-1pm

Appointments outside these times can also be made via the Academic Administrator

The Junior Censor's Office is on the second floor of Staircase 8, Tom Quad.

tel: 01865 286574, email: 

Tutor for Graduates

The Tutor for Graduates, currently Professor Edwin Simpson, oversees graduates at Christ Church; queries relating to Graduate admissions or study should be directed to the Graduate Administrator in the first instance.

Appointments can be made via the Graduate Administrator.  

The Tutor for Graduate's Office is on the second floor of Staircase 8, Tom Quad.

tel: 01865 276158, email:

The Censors' Office

The Censors' Office is located on the first floor of Staircase 8, Tom Quad.

Normal Office Hours: 9am-1pm and 2pm-5pm, Monday to Friday

The Censors’ Office supports the work of the Senior and Junior Censors, overseeing a number of areas relating to the academic life of Christ Church and working closely with the Tutorial Office and Admissions Office.

The Censors’ Office deals with requests for enrolment certificates, replacement university cards, applications for car parking at Liddell and provides forms for travel grants, book grants, vacation residence grants, special research grants and party permission forms. These forms can be found on the racks outside the Censors’ Office and online on the Useful Resources page for Current Students. The Censors' Office also manages college registration, Degree Days, examination arrangements and financial assistance applications.

Please note that in term time the Censors’ Office can be extremely busy, so requests may not be dealt with immediately.

The Academic Registrar

The Academic Registrar supports the Senior Censor and deals with a number of academic and non-academic matters, including financial assistance applications and examination issues, such as applications for special examination arrangements, requests for extensions to written work and submission of extenuating circumstances. 

They are generally available during the normal office hours for the Censors’ Office and appointments can be made via email.

Appointments to see the Senior Censor can be made via the Academic Registrar.

tel.: 01865 276157, email:

The Graduate Administrator

The Graduate Administrator, Ms Melanie Radburn, supports the Tutor for Graduates and deals with queries relating to Graduate admissions and study, such as funding, travel grants and academic progression.

Appointments to see the Tutor for Graduates can be made via the Graduate Administrator.

tel.: 01865 276158, e-mail:

The Academic Administrator

The Academic Administrator, Mrs Rebecca Varley, oversees Degree Days, collects fines levied by the Junior Censor and provides administrative support for the Censors’ Office and Censors.

Appointments to see the Junior Censor can be made via the Academic Administrator.

tel.: 01865 286574, e-mail: 

The Tutors' Office

The Tutors' Office is located on the ground floor of Staircase 8, Tom Quad.

Normal Office Hours: 8.15 am - 1 and 2 - 6 pm Mon - Thursday. Closed Friday.

The Tutors' Administrator

The Tutors' Administrator, Mrs Jackie Webber, oversees the organisation of Collections and deals with the booking of the lecture theatres, lecture rooms and seminar rooms; Junior Members wishing to book a room for a meeting of a society or a discussion group should contact the Tutors’ Administrator about availability.

In the case of the Lecture Theatre and the Exhibition Space it is also necessary to obtain permission from the Junior Censor.       

tel: 01865 276182; e-mail: