Blue Book Section II: Information for new students and student arrivals

New Junior Members must ensure that they have followed the necessary steps to activate their University email account. Once your University Card Form has been returned to the Academic Office (or the University Card Office directly in the case of postgraduate students) and then processed, two emails will be issued from University Student Administration providing details of how to access the Oxford University email account, which all new members will need to do before they are able to register online via the University's Student Self-Service website. Please do this as soon as possible, as email communications may be sent to you before the start of term and this will also allow you to access many key services.

Please also ensure that you follow the instructions to register with the College doctor as soon as possible. Any returning students who are not registered with the College doctor are advised to do so. 

International students and Student Visas

A guide for international students arriving at Oxford for the first time is available, and there is an orientation guide here.

Advice on travel and visas, including arrangements for BRP collections, can be found here.

Data privacy

In order that Junior Members arriving early can be contacted about our events and support networks, we have shared email addresses with our lead student helpers. Because Christ Church email addresses are not yet up and running, we will initially be using the personal email addresses we hold for you. At the beginning of term, when Christ Church email addresses have been set up, we will substitute these email addresses in place of any personal addresses and delete lists of personal email addresses held separately. Email addresses will not be shared with anyone outside the welfare and early arrivals support schemes without the individual’s consent. 

Safe travel

Before you travel, make sure you are aware of the latest advice and guidance both from the government of the country you are departing from and from the UK government, to ensure you travel safely and have the required documentation to enter the UK.

IT set-up information for new students

Information and guidance can be found on the College and University websites. Support is available from or 01865286001.