Blue Book Introduction

Christ Church (sometimes known as ‘the House’) is a large and varied community, including about 450 undergraduates, 320 graduate students, 130 academic staff, and 180 College staff. This booklet (known as the ‘Blue Book’) provides useful information for Junior Members, and sets out the regulations that apply to their conduct at Christ Church. Please read it carefully, and become familiar with the basic requirements laid out in it.

Throughout, the term ‘Junior Members’ includes all undergraduate, graduate and visiting students; if there are different requirements for any particular group, these are specified. The rules represent common-sense arrangements for communal cooperation, and some follow University regulations. This document is revised annually and the link circulated to all Junior Members by email at the beginning of each academic year. If changes are made during the academic year, a revised version of the document will be circulated.

This document provides information about the support/provision available to Junior Members on their arrival at Christ Church, and contains important contact details. We ask that you follow this guidance as carefully as possible for your own safety and that of others.