Blue Book Introduction

Christ Church (often known as ‘the House’) is a large and varied community, including about 450 undergraduates, 320 graduate students, 130 academic staff, and 180 College staff. This booklet (known as the ‘Blue Book’) provides useful information for Junior Members, and sets out the regulations that apply to their conduct at Christ Church. Please read it carefully, and become familiar with the basic requirements laid out in it. The latest version of this document can be found online as a PDF, which can be searched electronically:

Throughout, the term ‘Junior Members’ includes all undergraduate, graduate and visiting students; if there are different requirements for any particular group, these are specified. The rules represent common-sense arrangements for communal cooperation, and some follow University regulations. This document is revised annually and circulated to all Junior Members at the beginning of each academic year. If changes are made during the academic year, a revised version of the document will be circulated.

Sections highlighted in grey refer to arrangements which have been put in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and to which both freshers and returning students should pay particular attention. All sections of the Blue Book may be updated over the course of the year in response to the pandemic as well as for other reasons – for the latest version refer to the above link.

Updates related to pandemic matters will come from the Academic Office, the Censors, the Steward’s Office or from a dedicated email address: Please read and as necessary act on all notices received from College staff: to neglect to do so will be considered a breach of College rules.

Continuing uncertainty about the course of the pandemic and the public health measures to which it may lead is inevitably a source of anxiety and concern for many people, including our students. Junior Members who will be coming to Oxford for the first time will not begin their university life here in the way that they had expected to do. Junior Members who are returning for another year will be returning to changed circumstances.

Our aim is to keep all Junior Members, our staff and the local community safe in these difficult times.  We are a Covid-secure institution, but in order to maintain that status, we need the full cooperation of Junior Members at all times.

We understand that this prospect may be challenging or difficult for many reasons. Please be assured that we empathise with the uncertainty that Junior Members face, and that student representatives are involved in the plans that we are making to mitigate any risks to wellbeing, in order to offer the best experience that we reasonably can. We continue to plan for the academic year in the light of current public health advice, and we recognize that we may need to adjust our services in a flexible way, in response to changing circumstances.

We will work hard to support all Junior Members, but it is important for us to acknowledge that you may need to adjust your expectations of what university life will involve. This inevitably includes how you will interact with other Junior Members and with academic and non-academic staff in colleges and departments.

This document provides information about the support/provision available to Junior Members on their arrival at Christ Church, and contains important contact details. We ask that you follow this guidance as carefully as possible for your own safety and that of others.

Please note that separate guidelines have been issued to quarantining students. If you have not been sent this guidance and you need to quarantine, please contact the Academic Office. If you are unsure whether you need to quarantine, please check the Government website.


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