Blue Book Section III: Information for new students and student arrivals

Student responsibility agreement
University cards
International students and Tier 4 visas
Safe travel
What to bring
Arrival dates, including early and late arrivals
What to do on arrival
IT set-up information for new students
Late arrivals
Luggage (returning students only)
Passport and visa scanning
Support for early arrivals
Data privacy
Arrangements for students in quarantine
Freshers’ Week

New Junior Members must ensure that they have followed the necessary steps to activate their University email account. Once your University Card Form has been returned to the Academic Office and processed, two emails will be issued from University Student Administration providing details of how to access the Oxford University email account, which all new members will need to do before they are able to register online with the University's Student Self-Service website. Please do this as soon as possible, since email communications may be sent to you before the start of term. This will also allow you to access many key services ranging from the University Counselling Service to libraries.

Please also ensure that you follow the instructions to register with the College doctor as soon as possible. Any returning students who are not registered with the College doctor are advised to do so. This is particularly important in light of the pandemic.

All new Junior Members have been sent information and documents from the Admissions Office including actions to complete before arrival (see undergraduate documents or postgraduate documents). Please read this information carefully and ensure that relevant actions are completed, including returning documents by the requested deadline. 

We advise that students bring with them any items that they will need immediately on arrival. Any items which need to be ordered online by students going into quarantine on arrival should be directed to the Porters’ Lodge and timed to arrive as closely as possible to your arrival date. Please be aware of the pressure on the Porters’ Lodge and the limited space available and only order parcels if unavoidable. If you are ordering perishable items (e.g., from food delivery services), please arrange to meet the delivery service promptly upon arrival outside the gate.

Freshers should refer to the following links for the above documents and information, including details about how to get to Christ Church:

Undergraduate Freshers’ documents

Postgraduate freshers’ documents

Student responsibility agreement

All students have been asked to sign and return the Student Responsibility Agreement to the Academic Office as soon as possible. Note that this form must have been received by the Academic Office before you come into residence and fobs cannot be provided unless it has been returned. As the Academic Office is only open on weekdays, forms for students arriving at a weekend must be received by 09:00 on the preceding Friday.

Read more about the agreement.

University cards

There have been some delays in the University Card Office issuing cards this term. If you have not returned your University card form as instructed, please do so as soon as possible. If you have returned the card form, please be reassured that it will be processed and you will then receive your Single Sign On (SSO) with an activation code in an email from IT Services. This may take a little time, but you will receive this information in time for the start of your course. Once you have activated your SSO, you will then be able to access your Oxford e-mail, Student Self Service and other online resources. Cards if received by the time of your arrival will be given out with your fob, unless you have a Tier 4 visa, in which case the card cannot be given out until you have scanned and uploaded a copy of your card.

For BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) collection, the requirement for students to collect the card within 10 days does not apply if in self-isolation or if flights are delayed, so they should collect it as soon as possible after self-isolation. We have also advised new students about this in offer holder communications and the same for police registration (if required for some nationalities). They only need to complete the first online registration part within seven days of arriving (which they can do online and whilst in self-isolation) and can book the appointment with Thames Valley Police within the next few months. 

International students and Tier 4 visas

A guide for international students arriving into Oxford is now available here: and here:

Advice on travel and visas, including arrangements for BRP collections for those who are self-isolating, can be found here:

Safe travel

If travelling from outside the UK, you should consult the latest FCO (Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office) travel advice before you travel. You should also check the latest guidelines on who should quarantine on arrival. You can subscribe to email alerts for the country/territory you are planning to visit or are coming from, via the ‘Get email alerts’ link on each travel advice page.

Before you travel, read the latest health advice and follow guidance for travellers to reduce your risk of exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19). You should also consult Public Health England (PHE) Public Health matters guidance before you travel.

You should be aware that travel advice may change whilst you are in the UK. You are advised to regularly check all relevant GOV.UK guidance, including before you return to the UK.

UK students should avoid using public transport where possible. If public transport use is necessary, wearing a face covering is mandatory, unless you are exempt for health, disability or other reasons, and you should follow these guidelines: coronavirus (COVID-19): safer travel guidance for passengers

What to bring

Quarantining students have been sent separate detailed guidelines. For those not quarantining, we advise that you bring the following items or buy them as soon as possible after arrival and you should also ensure that you keep them topped up throughout the term, in case your household needs to self-isolate at any point:

  • Medication (to last one month)
    • Over-the-counter pain relievers (e.g. paracetamol or ibuprofen, if allowed)
    • Cough and cold medications (e.g. Lemsip, Night Nurse, cough syrup)
    • Diarrhoea medication
    • Multivitamins
    • Thermometer
    • Plasters
    • If you have regular prescription or other medication, make sure you always have at least 14 days’ supply in your room (e.g. inhalers, contraception, etc.)

Some medications can be ordered from online pharmacies such as the Independent Pharmacy and Lloyds Pharmacy.

  • Soap, sanitising hand gel, sanitising wipes
  • Face masks or other face covering (washable or disposable)
  • Tissues
  • Food if you are self-catering (please also see the Meals section). If you are not self-catering, you should keep a small selection of non-perishable snacks/food/drinks in your room (enough for 1 or 2 days) in case you need to self-isolate at short notice before meal deliveries to your room can be arranged.
  • All students who have international (non-UK) phone numbers are strongly advised to get a UK Sim card for their mobile phones as soon as possible. Due to Covid-19 medical, nursing and welfare professionals are using phones to make initial contact with patients and they are unable to make calls to international numbers. It is therefore vital for your health and wellbeing that you have a working UK phone number.

Arrival dates, including early and late arrivals

We use dates that relate to the dates of the University’s terms to set accommodation contracts. This term we will be asking students to arrive earlier than usual. We have advised that international students arrive by 14th September in order that they can complete their quarantine period (if applicable) by 30th September, which is the date on which UK students will start to arrive. All international students arriving early need to email the Accommodation Office as soon as possible to confirm their arrival date and time and whether they need to quarantine on arrival, if they haven’t done so already. We cannot provide self-isolation facilities for students who live in the UK but who have been travelling abroad, and such students are asked to complete this elsewhere. UK students are strongly advised against travelling from mid-September so that they can begin their studies in Oxford at the beginning of term. 

UK students will be given a date and time to arrive, organised by Household groups. We ask that these slots are kept to so that social distancing can be maintained. First-year students will be given a slot between 30th September – 2nd October, and returning students will be given a slot between 2nd – 8th October.

Returning students who have examinations scheduled before the start of term or in the first weeks of term have received a communication about an early arrival. All early arrivals must be agreed with the Accommodation Office in advance. Early arrivals except for international students, for those with examinations before the end of October, or a course with an early start date, will not normally be agreed.

It is possible that students arriving early will not be accommodated immediately in the room they are allocated for the rest of the academic year since we may need to use en suite rooms temporarily for quarantining students.

What to do on arrival

When Junior Members arrive at College, they should arrive at the entrance designated to them by the Steward’s Office. Face coverings should be worn. Students should not enter the Porters’ Lodge; a member of staff or student helper will issue fobs (and card for new students) and direct you to your room. Parents / carers or anyone else accompanying Junior Members to College may not enter any buildings and should leave as soon as belongings are unloaded.

IT set-up information for new students

The eduroam wireless service is available at Christ Church. Eduroam also has the advantage of providing internet access not only in Oxford but in academic institutions around the world – with the same username and password.

These are the steps for getting set up on eduroam:

  1. Activate your Oxford Single Sign-on (SSO) account, if you haven’t done so already
  2. Go to theSelf-Registration website to generate a Remote Access account
  3. Download theeduroam Configuration Assistance Tool (CAT) to help you set up eduroam
  4. Install eduroam
  5. When you want to connect to Wi-Fi, click on eduroam in your WiFi options and enter your Remote Access username and password. To avoid entering your credentials every time, you can select the option on your device to always connect/remember.

Tip: you will need a Remote Access account to get onto eduroam. This is separate from your Single Sign-On account, and has a different password but the same username. Don’t forget that your Remote Access login is your Oxford username followed by @OX.AC.UK (upper case). Simple descriptions of these different accounts are available on our helpful webpage Your University accounts.

If you have any problems getting connected to eduraom, please use The Cloud while waiting to get your issues resolved. You can sign up for The Cloud  here Support is available from or 01865286001.

Late arrivals

If you think you will arrive later than the standard date (for example, because of difficulties obtaining a flight or a visa or for any other reason, including those related to the pandemic), please notify the Academic Office as soon as possible. If you are living in College accommodation, you should also notify the Accommodation Office.

College or university managed rooms will be held over for as long as possible in the case of travel or visa delays but strictly on condition that the delay has been agreed with the relevant Accommodation Office. Charges will not be waived.

Luggage (returning students only)

Returning students who left belongings at Christ Church when they left in March will find these delivered to their new rooms. Students who are using a temporary room may however need to wait until they move to their assigned 2020/21 room for these belongings.

Passport and visa scanning

Enrolment processes for students will mostly be handled remotely, including scanning of passports and visas. The College must receive a scanned copy of your passport and BRP card before you can be enrolled on your course and received your University card.  

If you chose the ‘alternative collection’ option to collect your BRP card, you can collect this from the Porters’ Lodge at Christ Church when it is available. If you did not choose this option, you will need to collect the BRP from the St Aldate’s Post Office opposite the College. Students will need to show ID when collecting their BRP cards.

Students who are collecting their BRP from College should upload a scan of the photo page of their passport to our secure Sharepoint site. Students who are collecting their BRP from the Post Office should upload a scan of both the BRP (both sides) and the passport photo page to this site.

Support for early arrivals

The list of countries from which quarantine is required is constantly changing (see the Government advice: and so we have advised all Junior Members coming from overseas to try to arrive by 14th September, in case quarantine is required. Please keep the Accommodation Office updated of arrival dates and any changes to these. Undergraduates who are in College accommodation owing due to an early arrival for quarantine or any other reason (e.g. exams), will have their vacation residence grant automatically applied. Those who do not receive such a grant will be expected to pay a charge for this accommodation at the usual nightly rate. The College will be reviewing the annual vacation residence grant later in the term, as the ongoing pandemic situation becomes clearer. A programme of virtual events is planned for Junior Members in quarantine, and welfare and support services will be available. Timetables of events for both quarantining students and non-quarantining students are being issued. Please read these and the accompanying guidance.

Data privacy

In order that Junior Members arriving early can be contacted about our events and support networks, we have shared email addresses with our lead student helpers. Because Christ Church email addresses are not yet up and running, we will initially be using the personal email addresses we hold for you. At the beginning of term, when Christ Church email addresses have been set up, we will substitute these email addresses in place of any personal addresses and delete lists of personal email addresses held separately. Email addresses will not be shared with anyone outside the welfare and early arrivals support schemes without the individual’s consent. 

Arrangements for students in quarantine

All students who must quarantine have been sent detailed arrangements and protocols. All students should be aware that quarantining students are able to leave their rooms at the following times and locations:

Students at Liddell can use the Christ Church section of Liddell lawn as follows, going from their rooms to the lawn by the most direct route. Liddell Lodge staff will be supervising:

• Sept. 15-21: 6:30am-7:30am and 7pm-7:30pm

• Sept. 22-30: 6:45am-7:45am and 6:45pm-7:15pm

Students at St Aldates or the main site can use the following outdoor spaces, which will be closed to other visitors during the specified times:

Masters’ Garden: Sept. 15-21: 6:30am-7:30am and Sept. 22-30: 6:45am-7:45am

• Christ Church Meadow: Sept. 15-21: 7pm-7:30pm and Sept. 22-30: 6:45pm-7:15pm

Quarantining students must follow particular access routes, attached in Appendix 1.

Arrangements for outdoor access for students in quarantine after September 30 will be reviewed. But no student experiencing Covid-19 symptoms should leave their rooms, except in an emergency—these arrangements are only for students without any symptoms who are in quarantine.

When leaving their rooms, all quarantining students must:

wear masks/face coverings at all times when walking to/from the outdoor spaces, although masks can be removed while actually in the Masters’ Garden, Meadow or lawn at Liddell

sanitise with wipes any bannisters, doorknobs or handles they touch when coming/going to their rooms. (A starter pack of wipes will be provided.)

maintain a 2 m distance from others (students, staff, members of the public) at all times

not socialise with non-quarantining students or staff outside their rooms

Freshers’ Week

Activities will be a combination of remote and in-person events. We expect outside spaces to be utilised for most face-to-face meetings. Further information and a timetable will be issued to freshers.


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