Blue Book Section VII: Facilities


Protocols for booking and using communal rooms and outdoor spaces

Note: All protocols, timings, etc listed below are subject to revision depending on changing public health and University guidance, as well as whether Junior Members (both individually and in groups) adhere to the protocols.

Track and trace

The organiser of any booking (including for teaching, meetings and social events that take place in bookable rooms or outdoor spaces) is responsible for ensuring that all participants give their names, phone numbers, and time of arrival / departure on the sign-up list provided at the venue. This should be scanned and emailed to the Censors’ Office ( after the end of the event. Lists will be kept securely in the Censors’ Office for 21 days in the event that participants need to be contacted during that period.

General protocols

A review of rooms which can be used for purposes including teaching and meetings has been carried out based on current Government guidelines on social distancing and University advice. The list of College meeting rooms and their revised capacities (i.e. all assuming socially-distanced layouts and based on two-metre social distancing) are listed on the College website:

Owing to the pandemic, different arrangements will be in place for the use of College spaces until further notice. General protocols are as follows:

  • A two-metre distance must be in place between all participants at all times
  • Face coverings must be worn in all indoor areas at all times including all teaching situations and offices
  • No bookings can be made for parties or University societies
  • All bookings must be made using the College’s event booking system (
  • Booking requests must be made at least four working days before the event is due to take place and organisers must provide the following information:
    • Title of session
    • Name of responsible person / organizer (see Track and Trace below for the responsibilities of this person)
    • The maximum number of attendees (this cannot exceed the maximum capacity for the room / area listed on the College website)
    • Length of session (for the marquee this is a maximum of 90 minutes)

Protocols for face-to-face teaching and meetings in communal rooms

  • In light of public health protocols detailed below, some rebalancing in f2f teaching may need to be considered by tutors, e.g. reducing the duration or number of tutorials, some of which could be blended into longer online group teaching sessions if necessary.
  • Face coverings must be worn in all f2f teaching situations, in meetings and in common areas.
  • A capacity audit has been undertaken of most teaching and meeting rooms to show capacities which allow for a 2-metre distance between participants. This has been provided to Senior Subject Tutors for discussion with other tutors and lecturers in their subjects. It is intended to be used as a guide for teaching staff to assess whether it is feasible for them to provide face-to-face (f2f) teaching in their own offices, or whether they will need to carry out online teaching and/or book meeting rooms. A guide to meeting rooms and their capacities can be found on the College website:
  • Teaching staff should be aware of the teaching capacity of their office or booked meeting room and must ensure that teaching groups do not exceed this capacity. Because some offices will not be in use in Michaelmas Term, additional meetings rooms will be available for bookings.
  • Room bookings may be made via the College’s event booking system, accessible here with SSO username and password: Queries about bookings should be made to the Censors’ Administrator, Jackie Webber.
  • Teaching sessions should be timetabled to avoid students having to wait outside offices or meetings rooms where they might encounter other students leaving. Academic staff will need to allow time to clean their own offices and for Housekeeping staff to clean communal meeting rooms between sessions. It is therefore recommended to allow at least 15 minutes between each commitment for cleaning and for students to depart and arrive safely.
  • There are clear cleaning protocols in place for spaces used for teaching. For added peace of mind, it is recommended that staff and students clean their immediate personal areas in communal meeting rooms upon arrival with the wipes provided.
  • Housekeeping staff will be cleaning hard surfaces in communal teaching rooms between bookings, which makes it essential for tutors/organisers to adhere to designated timeslots and to discourage students from arriving early or lingering afterwards in stairways or classrooms. For additional peace of mind, we recommend that tutors and students clean hard surfaces (seats, desks, chair arms, etc) in their immediate vicinity in communal teaching rooms upon arrival with the wipes provided.
  • All rooms must be well ventilated with windows open where possible when in use.
  • Students should avoid sharing items (such as fobs, pens, stationary, etc) with others (including their tutors and fellow students) and documents should be shared only when necessary.
  • Papers, essays, problem sets, etc should be shared between tutors and students as attachments sent to/from their laptops (as necessary using a scanner or phone camera to produce an image of the work in question), rather than shared in hard copy.
  • Academic staff may be asked to keep records of non-Christ Church visitors, including external tutors/lecturers and students from other colleges, for public health reasons (e.g., contact tracing).
  • Meeting rooms will be arranged in socially-distanced configurations either in theatre-style or as a horseshoe. This is to minimise face-to-face contact.
  • Students should not bring beverages to tutors’ offices or communal meeting rooms in order to avoid removing face coverings to consume them. Academic staff should avoid consuming beverages while teaching or in meetings for the same reason. If beverages are brought by staff to their own offices or to meeting rooms, they will be responsible for removing or disposing the containers afterwards.

Outdoor Spaces

Junior Members are not permitted to play games of any sort on the grass in Tom, Blue Boar, or Peckwater Quads or at the Liddell Building. As elsewhere, Liddell lawns should not be used as pathways.

In normal circumstances, Junior Members are not permitted on the grass in Tom Quad except during Trinity Term if they have dined at Formal Hall and are wearing their gowns. They are permitted, during Trinity Term only, to sit on the grass in Peckwater Quad, but may not use the grassed areas as pathways across the Quad. However, picnics are permitted at Liddell along with croquet and garden bowls. During the pandemic, however, the protocols for using outdoor spaces have been modified, as detailed below.

College gardens

(available 09:00 – 16:30)

Academic staff can book the Cathedral Garden, the Deanery Garden and the SCR Garden for academic purposes.

Marquee in the Masters’ Garden

Meetings (academic, welfare, registered student societies and clubs) (available only with advance booking between 09.00 - 16.30, Monday to Saturday)

The marquee can be booked via the event booking system for the purposes of teaching by academic staff, for welfare meetings (including Brain Strain Teas) by the Welfare Coordinator/Chaplain, Wardens or Welfare reps, and by registered Christ Church student societies and clubs (requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis under the exemption allowed for educational activities). The marquee cannot be used unless the organiser has received confirmation via the event booking system.

The capacity of the Masters’ Garden including the marquee is 30 for teaching and welfare purposes and this should not be exceeded at any time—note that tables and 30 chairs will be set up in socially-distanced configurations in the marquee. In all cases, the event organiser is responsible for ensuring that numbers do not exceed 30.

In the case of student societies and clubs, only those groups with a clear educational purpose can have up to 30 participants under the exemption for educational activities. If the purpose of the society or club is not clearly educational, the current maximum allowed under government guidance is 6 individuals, although we are waiting for further guidance on this issue. In the meantime, Junior Members organizing society or club events will be told the maximum that is allowed on a case-by-case basis when booking the marquee. Please also note that for the time being, student societies and clubs are not allowed to book communal indoor rooms for meetings, but we will be reviewing this as further guidance becomes available about what falls under the exemption for educational activities.

Everyone entering the Masters’ Garden must sign in on the sheets provided on a table in marquee, and sign out again on leaving.  Please bring your own pen as these cannot be provided or shared.  Sanitizing stations will be set up at the entrance of the gardens which should be used by all participants.

Face coverings inside the marquee are not necessary, but a two-metre distance must be maintained between attendees at all times and the tables set out should be used by all participants. Chairs should not be moved.

Each participant is responsible for cleaning their seats and table area when they arrive and leave with the materials provided.

Everyone must leave the Masters’ Garden by 16:30 at the very latest to give the bar staff time to clean tables and chairs before the bar opens at 17:00.

Marquee bar

(open 17:00 – 19:00 last orders, cleared by 20:00, Monday–Saturday)

A bar serving non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages will be open for students (JCR and GCR) at the above times, organized by the Wine Cellar & Buttery Manager. A maximum of 30 students at one time can use the marquee and Masters’ Garden when the bar is open. Depending on demand, the duration that individual students will be able to spend in the marquee and garden may be time-limited. All attendees must provide their names and contact details on the sign-up list (to be managed by the bar staff) when they arrive and leave. Only one person can visit the bar itself at any one time. Tables and chairs are set out to allow social distancing to be maintained and must not be moved. Numbers will be monitored by a member of custodial staff and/or bar staff.

Students must leave the marquee and Masters’ Garden promptly and without being reminded by 20:00, one hour after the bar closes.

Other outdoor spaces on the main site

(all to be cleared by 22:00)

Students may use outdoor spaces in College including the lawns on Tom Quad and the outside area at Blue Boar for social purposes; in the case of Peck Quad, please keep to the tarmacked areas, but do not use the lawn in Michaelmas or Hilary Term since it is easily damaged.

Walkways must be kept clear at all times. Particular attention must be paid in Tom Quad to keep walkways clear on weekdays 17:30-18:00 and on Sundays 10:30-11:00 due to services in the Cathedral. Please note there may also be funerals or weddings taking place in the Cathedral at other times.

Groups must be no larger than 6 individuals and 2 m social distancing must be maintained at all times, although face coverings do not have to be worn outdoors. Groups must be courteous to others and mindful of the proximity to student bedrooms, offices, and Senior Members’ residences.

JCR Rooms

The JCR rooms (except for the front café area, which can be used by all Christ Church undergraduates for study purposes) may only be booked by undergraduates who live on the main College site and in St Aldate’s accommodation.

Front café area

(available 08.00 - 22.00 daily)

This area may be used as study space only with a maximum of 10 undergraduates at any one time, with social distancing in place. Face coverings must be worn at all times. This space does not require booking and can be accessed on a first-come first-served basis. Tables cannot be reserved while a student is not present and all belongings must be removed each time a student vacates the room. It is the responsibility of students to clean their workspaces before and after use with the wipes provided.  Depending on demand, the length of time that can be spent in this space may be limited. 


(available only with advance booking 18.00 - 22.00 daily)

This area may be used by a single household (i.e. a maximum of 6) in any one evening. Entrance is via the main JCR and Pool room, and therefore masks need to be worn while walking through these rooms, with students in the Pool room having to put on their masks when other students come through to access the JCR TV Room. The JCR TV room must be booked in advance by the event booking system, and fobs collected from the Lodge. The number of bookings per household over the term may be limited if there is high demand for this space.

JCR Pool Room

(available only with advance booking 18.00 - 22.00 daily)   

This area may be used by a single household (i.e. a maximum of 6) in any one evening. Entrance is via the main JCR room, and therefore masks need to be worn while walking through this room to the Pool Room and when other students are walking through to the JCR TV Room. This room must be booked in advance by the event booking system, and fobs collected from the Lodge. The number of bookings per household over the term may be limited if there is high demand for this space.

GCR Rooms

The GCR rooms are only to be used by Christ Church postgraduate students, whether living in or out of College accommodation). The GCR kitchen will be closed until further notice. Storage areas are to be accessed only by one GCR officer at a time for maintenance of the GCR.

Main GCR Space/Sofa room

(available only with advance booking 18.00 - 22.00 daily)

This room can be used by a maximum of 6 (not more than one household at any one time). Bookings must be made via the event booking system. It is the responsibility of attendees to clean the seating and all equipment after use with the wipes provided. Entrance and exit should be via the corridor only, and not the kitchen (which will remain closed until further notice). Face coverings will not need to be worn while in this space. The number of bookings per household over the term may be limited if there is high demand for this space.

Les Jones Room

(available only with advance booking 18.00 – 22.00 daily)

This room can be used as a social space by a maximum of 6 people from one household with social distancing in place at all times. Bookings must be made via the event booking system.

For all GCR rooms below, the following arrangements will apply:

Face coverings should be worn at all times. These spaces do not require booking and can be accessed on a first-come first-served basis. Tables cannot be reserved while a student is not present and all belongings must be removed each time a student vacates the room. It is the responsibility of all students to clean their workspaces before and after use with the wipes provided.  Depending on demand, the length of time that can be spent in these spaces may be limited. 

GCR Study room

(available 08.00 - 22.00 daily)

This room can be used as a study space only with a maximum of 8 students at any one time, with social distancing in place.

GCR Seminar room

(available 08.00 - 22.00 daily)

This room can be used as a study space by a maximum of 2 people with social distancing in place at all times.   

GCR Computer Room

(available 08.00am - 22.00 daily)

This room can be used as a study space by a maximum of 4 students with social distancing in place at all times. 

Communal Room and Outdoor Spaces at Liddell

Handel Davies Room

(available only with advance booking 18:00–22:00 daily)

This room is accessible to students living at Liddell only. Only one booking per household can be taken per evening and must be made via the Liddell Lodge Manager. Depending on demand, the number of bookings per household over the term may be limited. 

Gazebo at Liddell

(available only with advance booking 17:00– 20:00pm   daily)

Once household can access the gazebo at any one time, and bookings must be made at least four working days in advance with the Liddell Lodge Manager. All bookings are weather-dependent.

Lawn at Liddell

(to be cleared by 22:00 daily)

The Christ Church section of the lawn at Liddell can be used for social purposes. A 2 m distance from other students must be kept at all times and there can be no groups of more than 6. However, face covering do not need to be worn. Walkways should be kept clear at all times and groups must be courteous to others and mindful of the proximity to other students’ bedrooms.

The Music Room

We are in the process of carrying out a Risk Assessment for the Music Room so that it adheres to Covid protocols. Booking procedures will be updated once the assessment has been completed—the information below pre-dates the pandemic situation.

There is a Music Room in Tom 4, for the use of members of Christ Church during Full Term. It contains a Steinway grand piano for general use, and a Kawai grand piano which may be used only by advanced pianists. The Music Room is open daily from 08:00 - 23:00. Applications for its use should be made to the Tutor in Music, Professor Steven Grahl via his PA, Florence Maskell, from whom the Music Room rules may be obtained.

The Music Room is used for conferences and other events during vacations.  It may be available at certain times during vacations for music practice on an ad hoc basis; however, conferences and other events will have priority and the room may be needed for this purpose with no notice, and users could be asked to leave at any time.

In addition to the general prohibition on smoking and vaping, users must not eat or drink in the Music Room.

The Art Room

We are in the process of carrying out a Risk Assessment for the Art Room so that it adheres to Covid protocols. Booking procedures and supervision arrangements will be updated once the assessment has been completed—the information below pre-dates the pandemic situation and the Art Room is unfortunately not open at present.

The College Art Room is in Old Library 15. It is an open access studio, seminar, exhibition and social space welcoming anyone connected to the College with an interest in the visual arts. There is practical work on both an individual and workshop basis and regular exhibitions of work by both College members and visitors as well as talks and Gallery visits. The Christ Church Art Tutor is Mr Peter Rhoades, who supervises the room and organises activities.   

The Picture Gallery

Christ Church is fortunate to have an internationally outstanding collection (c. 6,500 items) of Old Master paintings, drawings and prints, housed in a modern, grade-II* listed gallery building in Canterbury Quad. It was formed through gifts and bequests largely, but not exclusively, from Old Members of the House. The collection of paintings focuses on Italian art of the 14th-18th centuries, including works by Filippino Lippi, Botticelli, Annibale Carracci, Tintoretto, but also by Northern European artists such as Anthony van Dyck and Hugo van der Goes. The collection of prints and drawings represents most major Western artists of the time including Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Marcantonio, Rubens, Claude, and Poussin. 

The paintings (and our collection of 18th century British drinking glasses) are on permanent display in the gallery, as are a group of Russian metal icons. Works on paper are much more vulnerable to light and therefore, cannot be on show permanently, but a selection of prints and drawings will be displayed in regularly changing exhibitions. Anyone who wishes to look at drawings not on display is welcome to book an appointment with the Curator of the Picture Gallery in the print room.

However, the print room and the drawings gallery are very small, intimate spaces, which cannot accommodate any visitors during the pandemic.

Overall the Picture Gallery will remain closed until spring 2021. However, we are planning to offer a number of events to undergraduate and graduate students during term-time. The Curator of the Picture Gallery will also welcome small groups to induction visits at the beginning of term. To join an induction tour or visit the Picture Gallery after the start of term, please contact the JCR and GCR reps or the Curator of the Picture Gallery (

The Cathedral

Christ Church has a full time College Chaplain and Welfare Coordinator, the Reverend Clare Hayns, who is available to offer pastoral and practical support as appropriate to all members of the College, of all religious beliefs and none. The Chaplain is based in Killcanon 1 and can be contacted email or telephone on (2)76236. The Chaplain can also advise on various ways students can help as volunteers in the local community. The Chaplain’s webpage is

Christ Church Cathedral is both the College Chapel and the Cathedral Church for the Diocese of Oxford, and all members of the College community are encouraged to attend its services. College services take place regularly and these include an informal College Communion service at 8pm every Sunday in term, and a termly House Communion Service, to which all members are invited. Other services and events are detailed on the website ( and on the Chapel Term Card, distributed at the beginning of each term.

The Chaplain is responsible for the College Choir, which is made up of graduates and undergraduates. The College Choir sings Evensong in the Cathedral most Mondays in term, and sings at the House Communion each term. Details about the College Choir can be found on

The Cathedral Choir is one of the finest in the world, and, as well as singing on Sunday mornings, sings Evensong from Tuesday to Sunday at 18:00. College members are invited to gown and sit together for Sunday Evensong, which includes College readers. Please note that Cathedral time is 5 minutes after GMT or BST (i.e. services begin 5 minutes later than advertised). Details of Cathedral services and events, with the most recent Covid-19 adjustments, can be found in the Cathedral section on the Christ Church website.


Laundry facilities are provided in launderettes situated in Blue Boar Quad, Peckwater 8 basement, Meadow 4 basement, the Liddell Building, St Aldate’s Quad 5, and the basement in 117 St Aldate’s. Users are asked to treat the machines with care and to use them in accordance with the instructions provided. This information can be found in each launderette; there is also a link on the Christ Church website. Electric irons are also provided in laundry rooms. Any broken or faulty machines or irons should be reported to the Liddell Manager or the House Manager as appropriate. During the pandemic, the launderettes will be single-access only, and will be closed for 30 minutes each morning to allow for deep cleaning.

Mail and Messages

  • Incoming Mail and Messages

Incoming mail received for students is placed in the racks in the Porters’ Lodge, unless specifically addressed to Liddell Building, 60 Iffley Road, Oxford OX4 1EQ.

The telephone numbers of the lodges are:

          Porters’ Lodge: (2)76150

          Liddell Building: (2)76999

During vacations, mail that has come via the Post Office (i.e. not hand delivered or internal mail) will be forwarded to UK-resident and overseas-domiciled current members of the House if detailed written instructions are left with the Lodge Manager. Otherwise mail will be held until the member’s return.

Members will be expected to notify their correspondents of change of address when finally going down. If written instructions are left with the Lodge Manager, mail will be forwarded for the remainder of that calendar year. If not, it will be returned to sender.

The pigeonholes in the Porters’ Lodge at Tom Gate are under CCTV surveillance by the Duty Porter. However, this area is accessible to the public and members are advised to remove their mail promptly.  Food items must not be placed in pigeonholes. During the pandemic, please wait outside the Lodge before entering so that social distancing protocols can be maintained. This is for the safety of Lodge staff, as well as of Junior Members.

  • Outgoing Mail

Letters for post must be adequately stamped according to the weight and size of item and handed to the Porters’ Lodge for collection by Royal Mail. For same day outgoing service, items must be received at the Lodge no later than 16:30, Monday – Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). There is no weekend service.

  • College Messenger Service

This free service is for the use of resident members of the House only. Letters only (parcels are not accepted) are delivered to College and University institutions in central Oxford (an area bounded by St Margaret’s Road in the north, St Hilda’s in the east, the Faculty of Music in the south, and Tidmarsh Lane in the west). Messenger post is collected at 10:30 and 16:00 from the Lodge and will normally be delivered the same day, Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays). The Messenger Service includes the Liddell Building.


There is a telephone on each residential staircase from which the Lodge may be contacted in an emergency by dialling (2)76150/76151 or the emergency services by dialling ‘999’.  Please inform the Duty Porter on 01865 276150 if an ambulance has been summoned or ‘999’ has been dialled so that they can assist.

The Gates

All Junior Members must show their University card whenever they arrive at Christ Church to avoid any confusion about who may enter the College and to ensure that Covid protocols in relation to visitors can be enforced.

Tom Gate is open between 06:00 - 20:30 in term and 06:00 - 19:30 in the vacation, with occasional extensions or restrictions as required by circumstances; access at other times is through a wicket gate.

Canterbury Gate is open between 08:00 - 17:30 Sunday – Friday and 10:00 - 17:30 on a Saturday (08:00 – 17:30 on Saturdays of 8th Weeks); access is via the wicket gate between 17:30 - 00:30.

Meadow Gate is open between 10:00 - 16:15; it is accessible through the wicket gate between 06:00 - 20:30.

The gates to the Meadow and the Jubilee Bridge close at dusk. The gates are closed to ensure the safety and security of residents of the House and their property, and the property of which the House is owner or trustee.

Junior Members will be issued with a fob to the Tom and Canterbury wicket gates. Once bicycles have been registered, the fob will also give access to the bicycle sheds. During the pandemic, bicycle sheds/storage areas should be entered by only one person at a time wearing a mask or face covering. Crowding around the entrance to storage areas should be avoided. Care should be taken to avoid touching surfaces, door handles, etc and hands should be sanitised upon entering and leaving the shed/storage area. 

Residents of the Liddell Building are also issued with a Liddell gate key/proximity reader. The Liddell Building also has keypad coded access. It is the personal responsibility of each individual to take their gate key/proximity reader with them in circumstances where they may return to College after the gates have closed. Keys/proximity readers must be returned to the Porters’ Lodge on going down each vacation; they must not be given to non-members, or used to admit unauthorised visitors after guest hours. If a member of the House is locked out of their room without a fob the Lodge will cancel the original fob and issue a new one. If the original fob is not returned to the Lodge within 24 hours, then a charge of £10.00 is levied on battels.

To help maintain security:

  • Upon entering College through a locked gate do not hold the gate open for others to enter unless they are personally known to you. Be aware of others ‘tailgating’ when entering College. Alert the Duty Porter to any suspicious behaviour.
  • All those entering or leaving the College after 23:00 are required to give their names to the Porter if requested.
  • Unaccompanied visitors are not permitted after 20:30 and all visitors and guests must be escorted from the College by 02:00 at the latest. However, during  the pandemic, Junior Members may not have outside visitors. Detailed protocols are in place for essential visitors to academic and non-academic staff, including those resident in Christ Church accommodation.
  • Members of the House are responsible for the behaviour of their guests and visitors within the College precincts and for their observance of College rules.


It is not normally appropriate for Junior Members to keep cars in Oxford. The city is extremely congested, College and University facilities are close together, and there is very little public parking space. Parking space in College is not available to students.

Motor vehicles may not be parked on College property without the prior permission of the Junior Censor, except briefly on the Broad Walk for delivering and collecting belongings at the beginning and end of term. Motor cycles or bicycles with motor attachments may not be kept within the College walls.

Junior Members are reminded that bicycles should be used safely and responsibly. Helmets should be worn and lights must be used after dark. The wearing of light-coloured clothing to improve visibility is also recommended. All traffic regulations should be obeyed.

Normally, within College, bicycles may only be parked in the bicycle stores at Tom Gate, Canterbury Gate and St Aldate's. There are also bicycle racks at the Liddell Building and at 117 St Aldate’s. The bicycle racks in Schools Quad and outside Blue Boar 1 are for use by Senior Members only. Senior Members should maintain 2 metre distance from one another when accessing the bicycle racks.

Bicycles should not be wheeled or ridden through College. Fobs (issued to all Junior Members) will open the cycle stores for those who have completed the registration process. Since storage space is limited, cyclists must park their bicycles with consideration for others. For the security of members’ bicycles, registration is compulsory and is conducted via the Porters' Lodge.

Bicycles are not to be kept in rooms or accommodation areas under any circumstances; if found they will be removed by staff.

Bicycles parked or left within the curtilage of Christ Church that are not registered and/or are not parked in a cycle store will be removed. Please note that bicycles available in Oxford through commercial rental schemes such as Pony Bikes, Ofo Bikes, and similar may not be brought onto any College property or grounds at any time. This is in order to avoid members of the general public trying to access the bicycles as part of the rental scheme. 

Undergraduates’ bicycles, intact or broken and not removed from the Tom and Canterbury bicycle stores by 9th Week of Trinity Term, will become the property of Christ Church.  Christ Church reserves the right to dispose of all such bicycles or parts as appropriate.

Electric scooters, hover boards, and drones are not permitted on College property.


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