Meeting Rooms

McKenna RoomChrist Church welcomes Conference and Summer School groups during the College Vacation (March/April, July, August and September). We offer a variety of meeting rooms and a modern lecture theatre in buildings clustered around Tom Quad. Facilities include WiFi, bottled water, a flipchart/whiteboard and a Christ Church notepad and pen. Audio-visual equipment (AV) can be hired for an additional fee for rooms without fixed facilities. We can also offer office space for conference organisers if required (subject to availability).

Junior Common Room


Our light and spacious Junior Common Room with comfy chairs is open to all of our guests who want to relax, read and watch TV.

During a term, the McKenna Room is also available on weekdays for day meetings.


Room by Room

Meeting Rooms

Sir Michael Dummett Lecture Theatre and Exhibition Space

Sir Michael Dummett Lecture Theatre (MDLT)

Dimensions: 6.5m x 16mBlue Boar Quad

Description: Purpose-built accessible lecture theatre with fixed tiered seating and writing tablets. There is also a small ‘Green Room’ behind the lecture theatre which can be used as an office.


  • Built-in AV
  • Lectern with fixed microphone
  • 3 x wireless microphones
  • 2 x clip-on microphones
  • Air-conditioned
  • Hearing loop

Capacity: Theatre: 120 (100 fixed seating + 20 additional chairs)

  • Lecture Theatre
  • Lecture Theatre


Sir Michael Dummett Exhibition Space

Dimensions: 6.5m x 10.5m

Description: Part of the complex, the Exhibition Space is adjacent to the lecture theatre and used as a breakout room for refreshments or to display marketing material when booking the MDLT. It has large glass doors which lead out to the patio and stone seating area.


  • Fixed water cooler
  • Multi-purpose room
  • Exhibition SpaceExhibition Space

McKenna Room

Dimensions: 10.2m x 7.8m

Description: An attractive and spacious room with oil paintings and a fireplace. A multi-purpose room that can be used as a dining room or meeting space weekdays during term time or as a meeting space in late August and September.  


  • Lectern
  • Multipurpose room

Capacity: Theatre: 60 / Classroom: 28 / Boardroom: 34 / U-Shape: 31

McKenna Room Theatre Style smallMcKenna Room Classroom Style small

McKenna Room Boardroom Style smallMcKenna Room U-Shape Style small

McKenna Room Meeting smallMcKenna Room Meeting Detail small

Lecture Room 1

Dimensions: 6.9m x 4.7m

Description: Ground floor small Lecture Room with character overlooking Tom Quad. Flexible seating and tables. Accessible with the use of a ramp (2 steps).                  


  • Built-in AV
  • Water cooler

Capacity: Theatre: 30 / Classroom: 18 / Boardroom: 22 / U-Shape: 18

Lecture Room 1 TheatreLecture Room 1 Classroom

Lecture Room 1 BoardroomLecture Room 1 U-Shape

Lecture Room 2

Dimensions: 8.4m x 5.6m

Description: Lecture Room with large windows overlooking the cloisters and Tom Quad. Flexible seating and tables. Accessible with the use of a ramp (2 steps).


  • Built-in AV
  • Lectern
  • Water cooler

Capacity: Theatre: 50 / Classroom: 16 / Boardroom: 22 / U-Shape: 18

  • Lecture Room 2
  • Lecture Room 2
  • Lecture Room 2

Dodgson Room

Dimensions: 9.0m x 5.1m 

Description: Traditional college room with paintings and a grandfather clock.

Capacity:  Boardroom: 20

  • Dodgson Room
  • Dodgson Room

Keene Room

Dimensions: 4.9m x 9.6m

Description: Traditional college room with paintings.

Capacity: Boardroom: 20

Keene RoomKeene Room

Peckwater Seminar Rooms

Description: Three ground floor small Seminar Rooms, recently refurbished. Flexible seating and tables. Accessible with the use of a ramp (2 steps).


  • Built-in AV
  • Webcam & Speakers


Peck 9.02

Dimensions: 5.60m x 5.60m

Capacity: Theatre: 23 / Classroom: 12 / Boardroom: 12

Peck 9-02 Seminar Room Theatre StylePeck 9-02 Seminar Room Classroom StylePeck 9-02 Seminar Room Boardroom Style


Peck 9.03

Dimensions: 6.40m x 5.40m

Capacity: Theatre: 20 / Classroom: 10 / Boardroom: 12

Peck 9-03 Seminar Room Theatre StylePeck 9-03 Seminar Room Classroom StylePeck 9-03 Seminar Room Boardroom Style


Peck 9.06

Dimensions: 4.80m x 4.60m

Capacity: Theatre: 22 / Classroom: 12 / Boardroom: 12

Peck 9-06 Seminar Room Theatre StylePeck 9-06 Seminar Room Classroom StylePeck 9-06 Seminar Room Boardroom Style

Music Room

Dimensions: 7.9m x 6.6m                                      

Description: Spacious room with wooden flooring off Tom Quad with flexible seating and tables.

Capacity: Theatre: 40 / Classroom: 24 / Boardroom: 22 / U-Shape: 20

  • Music Room
  • Music Room

Old Library 1

Dimensions: 5.4m x 4.6m

Description: Seminar room ideal for small groups with flexible seating and tables facing onto Meadows Building.

Capacity: Theatre: 20 / Boardroom: 12 / U-Shape: 10

  • Old Library 1
  • Old Library 1

Old Library Rooms

Average Dimensions: 4.5m x 4.2m

Description: Small seminar rooms, available during the summer vacation only, have been converted from student bedrooms, with flexible seating and tables. All the rooms are located within the Old Library block and one of the rooms can also be used as an office.

Capacity: Theatre: 15 / Boardroom: 10 to 14

Research Centre

Dimensions: 15.6m x 7.8m (meeting area) & 9.6m x 6.2m (catering area) Research Centre

Description: The modern accessible Research Centre boasts a spacious lecture room with exposed beams and views across The Meadow. The room also has an adjoining fully equipped catering area. Traditional building forms and materials have been used in the construction to integrate the new and existing early 19th Century Thatched Barn within the rural setting.


  • Built-in AV
  • 2 x wireless microphones
  • 1 x clip-on microphone
  • Portable screen with built-in webcam and speakers

Capacity: Theatre: 100 / Classroom: 45 / Boardroom: 50 / U-Shape: 44 / Cabaret: 96

  • Research Centre Theatre Style
  • Research Centre Boardroom
  • Research Centre catering area