Cloister Garden

Cloister Garden, Christ ChurchFormerly laid out as an authentically-planted medieval garden with medicinal plants, camomile lawn and cowslips and plants commemorating the Virgin Mary.  The Cloister Garden had a substantial timber trellised fence, copied from a medieval illustration, planted with flowers from the illuminated Epistle Book given to Christ Church by Wolsey in 1528:  roses, lilies, carnations, borage, flax, irises, narcissi, everlasting sweet peas, heartsease and violets.

This garden fell into some decay, and in 2008 it was redesigned in a simpler style with new stone paving, the lawn edged with lavender, and a lead planter inscribed with the words ‘The Leaves of the Tree are for the Healing of the Nations’ containing an olive tree, and a fountain representing peace.

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