Cathedral Choir

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Although Christ Church Cathedral Choir is 500 years old, it is justly famous for the youthfulness of its sound and its adventurous musical programming.

Unlike all other collegiate and cathedral choirs it serves both an Oxford college and a diocese, and therefore holds a unique and distinctive place within the great English choral tradition.

The choir is revered for the vibrancy of its sound and its artistic flexibility, performing early and contemporary music with equal skill. Over the years the choir has provided a perfect platform for singers to progress to other award-winning choral groups such as the BBC Singers, The Sixteen, The King’s Singers, The Tallis Scholars and The Cardinall’s Musick as well as to solo careers in oratorio, opera and musical theatre.

On recent international tours, in addition to performing its own programmes, the choir has worked intensively alongside local community choirs in Portugal, Jamaica, Bermuda, China and the USA, culminating in successful and memorable joint concerts. Christ Church Cathedral Choir boasts a legacy of ground-breaking recordings which have excited the critics and the listening public for over thirty years. The astonishing versatility of this choir gives them a strong media profile, featuring in more than fifteen documentaries in the last ten years.

The choir is regularly involved in broadcasts of Evensong and other key services and concerts, and is often heard performing theme tunes and incidental music for TV dramas and films.