Sermons - Autumn 2018

Just as we see in nature the leaves turning and the summer flowers dying, so this Autumn season of sermons brings us to the close of the Church year. The final weeks of Ordinary Time bring us All Saints' and All Souls' before reaching the final few weeks before Advent, and the launch of the next cycle of seasons. See our What's On guide for details about upcoming events during this period.

Please click on any of the dates or names below to read sermons preached during the period of Autumn 2018.


18 November 2018 - Choral Eucharist - The Succentor

The end is coming; but the end is something marvellous – God’s new creation. Looking through the apocalyptic readings, the Succentor encourages us, in the midst of chaos, to choose hope rather than despair.

18 November 2018 - Choral Matins - The Sub Dean

Stir up, we beseech thee, O Lord, the wills of thy faithful people. The Sub Dean explores the role of parables in unfolding the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven by stirring up our hearts and souls.


15 November 2018 - Hearing God's Call Vocational Eucharist - The Revd Mark Stafford, Chaplain of Pusey House

Who will be the Lady and who will be the Lord when we are met in the love of one another? Fr Mark Stafford encourages those considering God’s call to remember that the call to be a Holy Nation and Kingdom of Priests is nothing other than the invitation to love.


11 November 2018 - 'Move him into the Sun' - Choral Eucharist - The Revd Canon Andrew Studdert-Kennedy, Team Rector of Uxbridge and Chaplain to the Queen

'Move him into the sun – isn’t that what these four years have been endeavouring to do; move the dead into the sun, grant them the dignity of not being forgotten.' Andrew Studdert-Kennedy reminds us that there is still work to be done, in moving others, as well as ourselves, 'into the sun'.

11 November 2018 - 'Battles' - Choral Matins - Canon Ward

'We remember on Remembrance Sunday not only the heroes, heroines, victims and villains; we remember who we are or might become but for the grace of God.' On this Remembrance Sunday, Canon Ward reflects on why we must remember and how in a season of Remembrance that can feel almost overwhelming we can still find fragments of hope.


28 October 2018 - Choral Matins - Canon Foot

For the feast of the apostles Simon and Jude, Canon Foot challenges us to respond to the Bishop’s charge to this diocese for a renewal of Catechesis, to bring more new believers to faith. She invites us to consider which counterfeit idols that we worship in our own lives may prevent us from responding to the love of God.


21 October 2018 - Choral Eucharist - The Diocesan Canon Precentor

“Whoever wishes to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you must be a slave of all.” With the commissioning of Paul Harris, our new Dean's Verger, the Diocesan Canon Precentor reminds us of our call to participate in the gift of servant leadership.

21 October 2018 - Choral Matins - The Sub Dean

We are endowed with the gift of song, but it is masked, trapped, knocked off key, by our enslavement to things that are less than God. The Sub Dean considers the difficulty of learning to sing the Lord's song in our lives.


14 October 2018 - Choral Eucharist - The Sub Dean

‘The eye of the needle’, ‘the throne of grace’: two striking but baffling images. The Sub Dean examines and draws parallels between these two memorable images from the readings.

14 October 2018 - Choral Matins - Canon Ward

Hell is everything His love refuses. And the salvation He brings is deliverance from the loveless, bitter condition that some human beings have consigned themselves to. Canon Ward explores the seemingly paradoxical nature of a loving God who may also exercise the authority to cast into hell.


7 October 2018 - 'No Man is an Island' - Choral Eucharist - The Archdeacon

‘No Man is an island, entire of itself’. The Archdeacon explores Genesis 2, sex and marriage.

7 October 2018 - 'Thank God for the Royal Air Force' - Choral Matins - Canon Biggar

With the commemoration of Remembrance Day approaching and the centenary of the Royal Air Force upon us, Canon Biggar reflects on reasons that we should give thanks to God for the R.A.F.


30 September 2018 - 'Cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions and garlic' - Choral Eucharist - The Bishop of Oxford

Teach us to be content with just enough. For that is the only way to joy. The Bishop of Oxford challenges us find contentment in our daily bread, the bread of life, Christ Himself.

30 September 2018 - Choral Matins - The Diocesan Canon Precentor

God is calling us not just to come into a house but to be part of an assembly. The Diocesan Canon Precentor explores the true meaning of church and encourages us to discover the love, fellowship and community that exist at the heart of God’s own being.


23 September 2018 - Choral Eucharist - Canon Foot

The Son of Man is to be betrayed into human hands, and they will kill him, and three days after being killed, he will rise again. Canon Foot reflects on the disciples' fear and confusion in the face of Jesus' prophecy and reminds us that Jesus' love endures despite our fear.

23 September 2018 - Choral Matins - Canon Ward

How do we reconcile the Gospel with the daily pain we have to encounter and cannot ignore? Canon Ward considers the concepts of justice and reconciliation, challenging us to go in the peace of Christ to love and serve the world.


16 September 2018 - Choral Eucharist - The Succentor

What does God call each of us to - and what will it cost? As the Cathedral commissions our new Organist, Cathedral Operations Manager, and Lay Clerk the Succentor challenges us all to remember that the call of God extends to everyone.

16 September 2018 - Choral Matins - The Sub Dean

'There is a serpent by the wayside watching those who pass by: beware lest he bite you with unbelief.' The Sub Dean reflects on the ancient serpent of Revelation 12, reminding us that Christ holds all the true power.


9 September 2018 - Choral Eucharist - The Archdeacon

Bring faith and action together. The Archdeacon challenges us to do away with favouritism, remembering that the poor in the world may also be rich in faith.

9 September 2018 - On Leaving 'Vengeance' to God - Said Matins with Hymns - Canon Biggar

It’s often said that the Old Testament is all about vengeance and retribution, and the New Testament all about compassion and forgiveness. This is an oversimplification, says Canon Biggar. But how should Christians respond to appalling acts of evil?


2 September 2018 - Said Matins with Hymns - Canon Foot

For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God. Canon Foot explores the passages on the Tower of Babel and the day of Pentecost, reminding us that our need for home is met in the Church, through Christ and the work of the Spirit.