Women at the House - Professor Clare Grey FRS

Photo of Professor Clare Grey

Professor Clare Grey, FRS, is a multi-award-winning Professor of Chemistry, whose research specialises in applications of nuclear magnetic resonance and its use to study lithium ion batteries.

Clare came up to Christ Church as a chemistry undergraduate in 1983, and left with a DPhil in 1991. In conversation for ‘40 Years of Women at the House’, Clare discussed how her fourth year at Christ Church, and her inspiring tutor Tony Cheetham, sparked an interest in research, which would go on to shape the rest of her career.

Clare was the first woman to hold the post of Head of Inorganic Chemistry at Cambridge, and is currently the Geoffrey Moorhouse Gibson Professor and a Royal Society Professor in the Department of Chemistry and a Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge.

Watch our interview with Clare below, to hear about her time at Christ Church, her passion for her science and her ongoing desire to make a positive impact on the world.