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Christ Church Development Programme

Since 2008 Christ Church has been fundraising according to the ‘In Perpetuity’ Development Plan. We are working towards our goal of enduring financial independence by building up the endowment, so that in the future no part of the House will be endangered due to a deficit in the Annual Fund, or changes in university policy and fees. 

In Perpetuity’ and ‘In Perpetuity II’  set out our vision for the House and the values we are working to protect, alongside our ‘business plan’ for doing so. In particular, our vision includes: 

•    An open and competitive admissions process, based on merit and potential alone
•    Preserving the tutorial system
•    Honouring our obligations to the buildings of Christ Church
•    Promoting scholarship and research at all levels. 

We remain immensely grateful that we have received gifts from around 35% of our Members, most of which are small regular gifts. Together these gifts are making a huge difference in our capacity to preserve and improve the House.

However, to achieve our aims for Christ Church in perpetuity we are asking more of our Members to consider giving back to the House in whichever way they can. 

Registered with the Fundraising Regulator (Logo)