Theology: a student's view

Hello there, my name is Bella and I'm a finalist theologian (despite many suggesting that we are in fact 'theologists'). I've loved my time here, but more than anything I love my course.

One thing that Oxford offers above all other universities is the chance to be taught by the best: the authors of our reference books are the same ones giving our one-on-one tutorials. This simply means that the breadth and depth of knowledge of those we are taught by is phenomenal. Rather than this being a daunting prospect, the Theology tutors constantly encourage and motivate their students and are genuinely interested in their opinions.

The wonderful thing about the Theology course is the option to choose one of three 'tracks': these tracks represent an area of specialism that you follow throughout second and third year, meaning you essentially become an expert in a chosen field. The 'tracks' available in second and third year which particularly appeal to me focus on biblical study, as well as the history of the church. Covering the development of institutionalised religion -- as well as the problems this poses for contemporary society -- is all in all very topical!

The Theology timetable is varied, with Greek or Hebrew classes occupying most of the timetable in first year (not as horrendous as it sounds!). In second and third year you really do get to pursue your own interests and tailor the degree to your own specific talents. No day is ever the same, but a general day would consist of a lot of reading, a lecture or two, and one weekly tutorial.

The course really does allow for flexibility and, above all, the chance to specialise in something you enjoy and are good at. Even though I'm biased, Theology is both the most traditional and current of all degree subjects and a massive eye-opener.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with Good luck with your application!