Theology and Oriental Studies

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This innovative joint degree is a relatively recent course at Oxford, accepting its first students in 2010. The degree enables students to understand and assess the sacred texts, traditions, and truth-claims of a number of the world’s major religions. It combines a training in diverse forms of thought and study, requiring students to acquire skills in a range of disciplines, from history to textual criticism, philosophy to cultural studies.

A degree in Theology and Oriental Studies offers the opportunity to appreciate the qualities of religions often radically different from western traditions. This enables students to pursue answers to compelling questions regarding the nature of human values, meaning-making, wisdom and artistic expression. The demands of such study ensure that graduates are equipped with a breadth of thought and quality of communication ideally suited to a range of careers.

Still image from video about Undergraduate study of Religion and Theology at OxfordThe University arranges lectures (up to six weekly) and classes. For Theology subjects and some Oriental Studies subjects, a large part of the week is spent in private study in preparation for tutorials, which are usually held with college tutors once a week. Subjects which require a great deal of language work are taught for the most part in classes, which may meet three times a week or more.

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