Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)

Tutors and Lecturers:

Places at Christ Church: 10

Why study PPE?

  • because the subjects are intellectually exciting
  • because they stretch your understanding of the world around you
  • because they help you to analyse it dispassionately
  • because you can follow a multi-disciplinary degree, but eventually specialize in one area of the degree if you wish
  • because the subjects complement one another in a way that few joint degrees can match

If that’s not enough for you, then add that PPEists are in high demand from employers in a wide range of jobs. PPEists go off to business, the City, the professions, government, international organisations. It’s not just the content of the degree – the substantive knowledge of contemporary politics and economics – that puts its graduates in demand: it’s also the analytical skills they acquire – clear thinking, data analysis, problem solving, the ability to dissect a complex social issue, arrive at conclusions, and present them to others. If you find the political and economic world a fascinating but puzzling place, and if, more broadly, you want to understand how and why (we think) we know what we seem to know about that world, then PPE is probably for you. Come to Christ Church, meet its numerous tutors in the subject at an open day, and find out.