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Do you find music exciting and want to discover more about its history, repertory, social contexts, structures and meanings? If so, then you are looking at the right place to study the subject. Oxford has a large and thriving department and, with its top ratings for teaching and research, you will have the chance to study with the best scholars, composers and performers. No other discipline offers such a variety of opportunities for intellectual and practical exploration, and self-discovery. You may be a fine performer or aspiring composer, or your primary interest may be more academic; our course is sufficiently flexible to cater for all of these areas. The course offers you the opportunity to study the history and practices of Western European art music from medieval times to the present day, popular and world musics, music aesthetics and education, psychology, musical geographies, analysis, orchestration, stylistic and free composition, and much else besides. The majority of our graduates go on to further musical study or to work in the music professions.

Although some of those reading Music at Christ Church sing in the Cathedral Choir (Academical Clerks) or play the organ (Organ Scholars), the majority do not. Christ Church has a very strong tradition in music, taking more undergraduates to read the subject than any other college. There is an active Music Society, which promotes regular concerts and an annual music festival in the Cathedral. You have a piano provided in your room and a substantial grant from the Faculty to cover the cost of instrumental lessons. Also there is a College Music Room and the College Library houses one of the finest collections of manuscripts and printed music in the country. In addition to all this, the Faculty is just a couple of minutes’ walk away!

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