Modern Languages

Christ Church Tutors:

Additional Tutors and Lecturers: Dr Michael Abecassis (French), Prof. Philip Bullock (Russian), Prof. Dimitris Papanikolaou (Modern Greek), Prof. Claudia Pazos-Alonso (Portuguese)

Places at Christ Church: 9 (for students studying Modern Languages alone; 6 additional places are available for students taking Modern Languages as part of a joint school)

Studying Modern Languages at Oxford offers you a chance to learn in depth about the literature, culture and language of your chosen area. You can choose from an exceptionally broad range of languages, and you may also be able to study linguistics (how languages work or evolve over time) or learn a new language from scratch. You can also study one of our core European languages along with a Middle-Eastern language. The courses combine intellectual training – how to analyse, argue, read meanings that lie below the surface of language – with the acquisition of practical skills: writing, comprehending and speaking other languages to a high level.

Christ Church is one of the few Oxford colleges that accepts any combination of languages or joint degrees with Modern Languages. We have a wide range of Modern Languages tutors based in college, and we call on specialist tutors to look after other languages, so that students are well-supported throughout their studies. As we offer more places for Modern Languages than many other colleges, there is a large, vibrant community of linguists in College at any given time. Students of Modern Languages follow a richly varied and intellectually stimulating course in Oxford, as well as spending a year abroad in one or more countries where the language/s they study are spoken. Graduates with Oxford degrees in Modern Languages are highly employable in the UK or in other countries, and often go on to work as lawyers, academics, teachers, diplomats, journalists, translators or interpreters.

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