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If you want to know how the body works, understand what can go wrong, and learn how to do something about it, then Medicine is the course for you. Medicine is a vocation and we are looking for individuals who will make good doctors. But we also look for people who will enjoy, and respond to, the scientific challenges of medicine. The Oxford course is one of the few in the country where you gain a science degree (in Medical Sciences) and our tutorial system will allow you to explore chosen subjects in depth.

Why Christ Church? One reason would be that the biomedical sciences are strongly represented here. The college tutors run research laboratories in areas spanning genetics, physiology and neuropharmacology, the molecular mechanisms of Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, neuronal signalling, and drug addiction. Oxford’s first anatomy laboratory was in Christ Church (the original dissecting room is still in use – for lunch) and the Regius Professor of Clinical Medicine is always a member of the College. Outside of work the College’s Medical Society provides a lively social forum for pre-clinical and clinical students to meet and listen to outside speakers.

And although medical students may work harder than others, there is certainly life outside medicine. Our students can take full advantage of Christ Church’s varied social, cultural, musical and sporting opportunities in breathtaking surroundings.

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