Mathematics and Statistics

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Places at Christ Church: 1 - 2

Statistics is data analysis. New kinds of data are emerging all the time in science and industry. Statisticians are needed to set up cutting edge statistical methods to analyse these data. Statistical methods use advanced mathematical ideas and modern computational techniques. They require expert knowledge and experience to apply. Statisticians do the work. This combination, of deep and mathematically well-grounded methodbuilding, and wide-ranging applied work with data, is what makes statistics a great subject.

The Department of Statistics is the top ranked Statistics department in the UK according to the Government’s 2008 Research Assessment Exercise. Many of its 27 academic staff work in the development of fundamental statistical methodology and probability. There is a large research group working on models and inference in genetics and evolution and their applications, for example concerning human genetic variation and disease. Other groups work on pattern recognition and image analysis, statistical machine learning, networks, and medical, financial and actuarial applications. These interests are reflected in the lecture courses available to undergraduates in their third and fourth years.

The typical week of a student in Mathematics and Statistics is similar to that for Mathematics. In courses involving work with statistical software packages, some lecture hours are replaced by teaching sessions in the labs.

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