Mathematics and Philosophy

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Places at Christ Church: 1-2

This course brings together two of the most fundamental and widely applicable intellectual skills. Mathematical knowledge is the most important means of tackling quantifiable problems, while philosophical training enhances the ability to analyse issues, question received assumptions, and clearly articulate one's understanding. Historically, there have been strong links between Mathematics and Philosophy; logic, an important branch of both subjects, provides a natural bridge between the two, as does the philosophy of mathematics. The degree is constructed in the belief that the parallel study of these related disciplines can significantly enhance your understanding of each.

The Philosophy Faculty is the largest in the UK (and ranked highest in research ratings), with more than 70 full-time members, admitting more than 500 undergraduates annually to read the various degrees involving philosophy. The large number of students reading philosophy with a variety of other disciplines affords the opportunity to participate in a diverse and lively philosophical community.

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