History and Modern Languages

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The study of History and Modern Languages develops students’ awareness of differing political, cultural, social and economic structures in past societies. The historical part of this course combines vigorous debate over questions of interpretation with rigorous attention to the source materials. In studying their chosen language, students improve their practical linguistic skills and conceptual understanding of language in general, as well as undertaking close study of the related area of literature or linguistics. The first year of study offers students a broad introduction to the literature of their chosen language, and a range of historical options from which to choose. In the second and final year students select from a wide range of courses exploring the literature of their chosen language. They may choose areas related to their History course, which offers options on British, European and World history from the declining years of the Roman Empire to the present day.

Students attend about five lectures a week, participate in regular meetings with tutors to discuss work, do independent research in libraries and write one or two essays a week, as well as completing work for their language classes. The third year is spent abroad, with a wide variety of possible options and destinations. Back in Oxford for the final year, the History and Modern Languages Bridge Essay gives students the opportunity to engage in independent research.

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