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History is about people and societies in the past - what made them tick, and why they did what they did. It helps us understand ourselves and others. Studying the past challenges our prejudices, broadens our outlook, and enables us to think for ourselves; writing about the past develops our analytical skills, and teaches us to organize clear and persuasive arguments. So it is a popular subject for both students and employers: our history graduates go into business, finance, consultancy, journalism, advertising, law, government service, teaching and research – any career which needs adaptability, clear thinking, and problem-solving. Christ Church has one of the largest history groups in Oxford, and it is exciting to be part of it. We admit twelve new students each year - producing a lively, varied, interactive set. We have three specialist college tutors and so, together with the college lecturer, we can teach a large part of the syllabus in college, and offer close personal attention. We have an outstanding history collection in the college library, and funds to help with research projects and discovery trips. And, of course, historians share in all the other benefits of a large, attractive, and well endowed college.

History combines well with other subjects and Christ Church welcomes applications for Ancient and Modern History, History and Modern Languages, and History and Politics.

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