Geography: a student's view

Hi, I’m Charlie and I am studying Geography at Christ Church.

Geography at Oxford is a varied and interesting course that will stretch you but also hopefully engage you. In the first year this is evident in the wide-reaching nature of the course; from Earth System Dynamics to development and education (a personal favourite!), you will cover a lot of ground. It’s from the second year onwards that you can specialise in the areas you find most interesting. This is surely the greatest thing about our subject and the course here. You will cover such a vast scope of human understanding that everyone is sure to find something to catch their imagination.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far, and even though it can be intense --normally through self-induced essay crises -- this often adds to rather than detracts from the experience. There are so many extraordinary events and activities going on in the University that it is hard not to get carried away with it all! My advice for applying here if you are on the fence would be to go for it: do not be intimidated by what you hear or see as Oxford is filled with unfailingly kind -- and mostly normal -- people who will help you every step along the way.

If you have any questions about applying for Geography and/or Christ Church, then please do get in touch via