English and Modern Languages

Christ Church Tutors:

Additional Tutors and Lecturers:

  • Dr Michael Abecassis (French)
  • Dr Xavier Bach (French)
  • Prof. Philip Bullock,(Russian)
  • Dr Guadalupe Gerardi (Spanish)
  • Prof. Dimitris Papanikolaou (Modern Greek)
  • Prof. Claudia Pazos-Alonso (Portuguese)
  • Mr Etienne Roy (French)
  • Dr Elizabeth Solopova (English)
  • Mr Andrew Wynn Owen (English)

Places at Christ Church: 1

For the English course, students choose from a list of papers covering all literature written in the English language from its origins in Anglo-Saxon through to present-day works from English-speaking countries across the world. The Modern Language side of the course will give you practical language skills, encourage you to understand language as a subject of study and introduce you to a particular field of Western literature and thought.

Both the English and the Modern Languages Faculties at Oxford are among the largest in the country, and students have access to a range of expert tutors working in many different areas. Library provision at Oxford is excellent: students have access to the English Faculty Library, the Taylor Institution Library (for languages), the Bodleian Library and Christ Church Library.

In the first year you will do practical work in your chosen language and study a selection of important texts from its literature. On the English side, you will be introduced to the conceptual and technical tools used in the study of language and literature, and to a wide range of different critical approaches. You will also do tutorial work on either early medieval, Victorian or modern literature. In the second year, a wide range of options opens up for you. Language work in your modern language will continue and you will study literature from a wide range of periods in English and in your language. The third year of the four-year course is spent abroad – see the Modern Languages course tab for more information. On your return, you will choose from a range of special option papers in both English and Modern Languages, and in comparative literature.

At Christ Church students usually have one or two tutorials a week as well as compulsory language classes. Most students also attend three to four lecture courses per subject.

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