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Studying English at Oxford involves both broad and intensive reading of authors from the medieval period to the present day, and at Christ Church we approach the literature of the past in the light of committed and expanding critical engagement and enjoyment. This means that your experience of getting to grips with all the major periods of literature will be both historically informed and critically reflective.

Christ Church’s three English tutors are all known for their range of expertise: Peter McDonald is a poet and critic who has published on twentieth- and nineteenth-century poetry, and who has a particular interest in Anglo-Irish literature; Mishtooni Bose is a specialist in the Medieval period, with particular interests in poetry, controversial writing, and theological debate; Dr. Anna Camilleri, the Career Development Fellow in English, is an expert in English of the Romantic period, and teaches English literature from 1740 to the present day.

Tutorials at Christ Church give students the opportunity to push themselves into adventurous and rewarding lines of critical thought, and cover all the most important authors in the different periods. Our students combine a love of reading and learning with the willingness to think hard about the ways and means of particular works and the whys and wherefores of literary history and argument. Graduates from Christ Church go into many different careers, including business, journalism, law, the media, and teaching and further academic study.

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