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Biochemists seek to understand and explain the molecular basis of cell function. If you want to understand the implications of the human genome project on modern medicine, understand how nerve impulses are generated and sustained, or how errors in DNA replication and repair lead to cancer, then this is the subject for you. Biochemistry necessarily encompasses a broad swath of modern bioscience, from genetics, cell and developmental biology all the way through to structural biology, protein biochemistry and computational bioinformatics.

The Oxford course provides you with a broad and comprehensive training in all aspects of Biochemistry. A key component of the Oxford course is the direct exposure to cutting edge research in the final year, working in the research laboratories of the Biochemistry Department. The Biochemistry Department is one of the largest in the world with about 400 research staff members and some 350 undergraduate members. It is the highest ranked Biochemistry Department in the UK, with 75% of the returned researchers rated as world-leaders in their field.

Why Christ Church? We have an excellent team of teachers/researchers covering complementary aspects of the Biochemistry syllabus, including cellular metabolism, protein chemistry, membrane transport and structural biology. The library facilities in Christ Church are excellent, with the latest texts in the subject updated on a yearly basis. As one of the larger Oxford colleges, Christ Church offers its students a unique and stimulating academic environment, where you will have the chance to meet people from a wide range of backgrounds and studying a variety of subjects.

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